Chris Kirschner/SEC Country
What me worry? Alabama coach Nick Saban is already in midseason form.

Live updates: Nick Saban talks injuries, plus the latest on the Crimson Tide

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The University of Alabama continued its preparations for Colorado State while working on rain-soaked practice fields on Wednesday.

Earlier on the SEC coaches’ weekly teleconference, Nick Saban commented on what he’s seen on game film from Rams quarterback Nick Stevens:

“Well, he does a great job of executing their offense,” Saban said. “They do a lot of ‘check with me’ and he’s a smart player that gets them in the right play a lot. Very, very efficient in the passing game. They’ve got a lot of good concepts that they use, they’ve got good skill players, they create great balance on offense and he takes what the defense gives.
“He’s a very accurate passer and probably, from a passing standpoint, maybe the most efficient guy we’ve played against so far this year.”

Here’s some of what Saban said during his press conference Wednesday evening:

• Had a pretty good week of practice, nice to get outside. Obviously needed that work in the kicking game (can’t really do it inside).

• Saban is playing up grasping every opportunity and don’t have regrets. “If you respect your talent, you have an obligation to yourself to work to be the best you can be.”

• Colorado State will go no-huddle a lot, which can be problematic. Fan noise could be a factor.

• No new injuries. Trying to get ready to improve and play.

• DL Raekwon Davis works hard and gives great effort. Like a lot of young players may not pay enough attention to detail, just want to go all-out. Good players do both and recognizing things. That’s the key to developing young players. We’re pleased with his performance so far.

• Saban was asked about JK Scott’s preparation and routine. He talked about how he had to learn you can’t quite treat special-teams players like everyone else. Scott’s a tireless worker, though, and they have to be careful that he doesn’t do too much.

• Guard Lester Cotton has practiced, will probably be available.

• Saban asked about preparing to win, if it’s ever different with different teams. “We all play to win, but the focus is on doing what you need to do to win. We want to be aggressive at all time, try to dominate our box.”

• RB Josh Jacobs has done more this week. “I don’t know” if he’ll play.

• On freshman wide receivers, it’s not a specific package.

• Asked about freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa playing, maybe for a series in the second quarter like last week, Saban says they haven’t decided, but even if they had he isn’t about to disclose it. “I’m going to call Colorado State and let them know. You can call Mike Bobo and ask him.”