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Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd

LOOK: Colin Cowherd accidentally uses Alabama A&M logo in place of Alabama when discussing top 10 teams

Joe Clarkin

FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd probably isn’t responsible for the graphics that appear on his show, but he’s certainly the one who takes the heat when something goes wrong.

On July 31, something did. When talking about his No. 4 team in the country in his preseason poll, the Alabama Crimson Tide, Cowherd’s show used the logo of Alabama A&M instead, as caught by Twitter user @RyanHuguenel:

While this was almost certainly an honest mistake by a member of Cowherd’s production staff, the error is hilarious nonetheless.

What might be less funny, at least for Crimson Tide fans, is Cowherd’s placement of the Tide at No. 4. Most polls have Nick Saban’s squad ranked second at worst, with the majority having Alabama at No. 1.