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Nick Saban commented on the passing of Ara Parseghian on Wednesday.

Nick Saban comments on the passing of legendary Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian

Nick Cole

The college football world is mourning the death of legendary Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian on Wednesday.

The two-time national championship winning coach (1966, 1973) passed away at the age of 94, according to a release from the university.

As the tributes carried on through the day, Alabama coach Nick Saban was asked to give his thoughts on Parseghian, who was a part of a Michigan State-Notre Dame rivalry that impacted Saban’s career for many years.

“I met him several times,” Saban recalled. “I have a lot of respect for him. Of course, when you coach at Michigan State for 10 years the Notre Dame-Michigan State rivalry was huge. The 1965 game, which everybody remembers as maybe the game of the century, Ara was involved in that.

“There was a unique relationship between Notre Dame and Michigan State. It wasn’t a rivalry that was built out of hatred or anything like that. It was sort of out of mutual respect. So I think everybody at Michigan State, including myself, who had the opportunity to meet Ara through the years really had a tremendous amount of respect for him not only in terms of what he was able to accomplish as a coach but for the kind of person he was.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Notre Dame’s Twitter account released a fitting tribute to Parseghian that is worth your time, no matter which team you cheer for: