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Nick Saban.

Report: Nick Saban the highest paid public employee in U.S.

With an annual salary $90,000 north of $7 million, there is no man in the United States paid more by the government than Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

That’s the amount he edges out Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh by. In fact, there are dozens of coaches on the list compiled by 24/7 Wall Street before anyone outside the sports arena is found.

The average compensation for a head coach at a major university ($1.81 million) is twice that of the highest-paid non-coach, professor of surgery at University of Nevada-Reno, Kayvan Khiabani, who cashes a crisp $987,638 yearly check. Of the 50 states, the top public earner in 39 of them was a coach.

Of course, that’s not to say Saban isn’t still a bargain. Although he costs the University of Alabama more than $7 million a year, the Crimson Tide football program brought in a record $95 million last season, with a profit margin of nearly $47 million.

Here’s a list of the top 10:

  1. Saban/Alabama football coach/$7.09 million
  2. Harbaugh/Michigan football coach/$7 million
  3. John Calipari/Kentucky men’s basketball coach/$6.88 million
  4. Urban Meyer/Ohio State football coach/$5.86 million
  5. Bob Stoops/Oklahoma football coach/$5.86 million
  6. Charlie Strong/Texas football coach/$5.16 million
  7. Jimbo Fisher/Florida State football coach/$5.15 million
  8. Sean Miller/Arizona men’s basketball coach/$4.95 million
  9. Bill Self/Kansas men’s basketball coach/$4.94 million
  10. James Franklin/Penn State football coach/$4.4 million

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