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Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn took the Razorbacks to the CWS in his second season and hasn't looked back

Arkansas’ 25 most memorable SEC moments: No. 23 — Dave Van Horn takes Hogs to College World Series

Eric Bolin

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – This is unlike other countdowns you have seen honoring Arkansas’ 25 seasons in the SEC.

These are memories. And we here at SEC Country wanted to reflect on the best — and worst — memories of the last 25 years.

This countdown is not of the best football moments. These aren’t simply the best games. This is built to bring back memories. It includes “where were you when …” snapshots and more broad tales of players, teams and seasons.

There have been highs — national championships and mega upsets — and lows, like motorcycles and, well, mega upsets. Coaches have come and gone. So have athletic directors. Cries of joy and cries of agony.

Yes, putting together the top 25 moments of Arkansas’ 25 seasons in the SEC was quite the task. There were far too many on the initial list. So we had to set some rules.

First, this is limited to the so-called “big three” sports. Apologies to every other sport — especially track and field — but at some point comparing moments across the spectrum becomes impossible. Is a national championship in track and field more significant than a College World Series appearance? And if so (or, if not), how do you determine that?

Second, the list isn’t simply based on significance. It’s a combination of mass, importance, spectacle and simple, raw human emotion. Input came from varying sources on how to rank these memories, too. Our say was the final one. But, accordingly, everyone will have different takes on such a list.

We just hope you enjoy ours.

23. The 2004 Diamond Hogs were picked last in SEC, won the league and went to the College World Series

It’s fun sometimes to pretend. Children do it all the time. Why not — in the interest in poking fun at the moronic media who picked Arkansas last in the SEC in 2004 — pretend now as adults. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes, shall we?

Hi, Dave Van Horn. Nice to have you here in the SEC. We know you’ve only been a head coach down at Arkansas one season and you might be a pretty good coach down the road, but we have to be honest. We just don’t think your baseball team is going to be very good this year.

Yes, we know, you made the NCAA Tournament last year, in your first year as coach. But it really left a lot to be desired. Tied for fifth in the West? Sub-.500 in league play? I mean, you don’t have any bona fide future Major Leaguers, really. You’re a team full of guys who probably will never play pro ball. 

Now, this is the SEC, you know. This isn’t the Big 12. This isn’t even your old days of the Southwest Conference. Your bunch might be pretty good if it were. But here, in the SEC, it’s a grind.

So, we apologize for this, skip, but we’re going to have to pick you to finish last this year? Best of luck to you and your team.

– Signed,

Ignorant preseason SEC predictors