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Arkansas coach Chad Morris' staff is nearly full.

Chad Morris already running tight ship with hiring of his Arkansas assistants

Eric Bolin

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Ten-hut! Sit up straight. Feet on the floor. Look me in the eye.

Adm. Chad Morris runs a tight ship. There will be no leaking! No floating! No dissemination of information without expressed written consent from the chief information officer, Patrick Pierson, is that understood?

Now, defensive petty officers, this is your Lt. “The Chief” John Chavis. The Chief will be bringing a whole new system than the one you were used to under your previous commander, Cmrd. Bret Bielema. You will learn from and obey The Chief to make it through these weeks six weeks of training this spring. If you do not, you will not make it in Razorbacks Company.

Offense, meet Lt. Joe Craddock. Where are my quarterbacks? Gentlemen, Lt. Craddock is your shadow. You are his sponge.

O-line! You are our heartbeat, our first line of defense (offense). Lt. Dustin Fry is your command. His way is your way. Now, I know there were some questions under previous Lt. Kurt Anderson. Mr. Fry is here to solidify this unit and answer those lingering doubts you might have. Take advantage of him, men.

Lt. Justin Stepp, Lt. Barry Lunney Jr., please step forward. Thank you, gentlemen. Wide receivers, tight ends, these are your commanding officers. All of you remember Lt. Lunney, yes? We are very proud to have him back with our corps. As for Lt. Stepp, he may look young; he may look like your friend. He is your superior. Stepp is here to develop and mold you, got that?

And last but not least, Cmrd. Jeff Traylor. Cmrd. Traylor has Adm. Morris’ proxy. On day-to-day business he will work with you, running backs. Overall, he is the admiral’s second in command. Mr. Traylor is not new to this unit. Do not try to pull anything over on him, hooyah?

Now, split off with your commanding officer; and defense, step aside and talk to Lt. Chavis and prepare to meet back here at 10 hundred hours.

Good day, gentlemen. And welcome to Razorbacks Nation. Prepare to defend it.

Important game for Arkansas basketball … sort of

Let’s put it this way, it’s important after the fact if the Razorbacks lose it, anyway.

Arkansas hosts LSU on Wednesday night at Bud Walton Arena. The Hogs need a victory after losing both their games last week. Those games were on the road against decent teams, Mississippi State and Auburn. Nothing shameful in those defeats.

Still, a lot of air has been released from the Arkansas basketball balloon. Full of helium one day, zooming up in the minds of local fans who thought the Razorbacks were a potential Elite 8 type team, to 1-2 in an SEC that is suddenly back to its old ways.

That’s why Arkansas needs the win Wednesday. It isn’t because it would be too big of a hole to dig out of it or anything. It’s because the SEC does not appear to be top-heavy strong, which means the national folks won’t see it as improved as it actually is. Arkansas needs to rack up conference wins accordingly to counter any anti-SEC thoughts that will inevitably come when March rolls around.

Tip is at 8 p.m. See you there. Come say hello.


  • If you are one of those fans who is laying the blame wholly on Mike Anderson’s for Arkansas basketball’s “inability to win on the road, the same ol’ same ol'” stop. Re-evaluate where you get information. Anderson is the best road basketball coach Arkansas has had in more than 20 years.
  • All the clamoring for TJ Hammonds last year, it won’t have to happen in 2018, I say. Hammonds is my choice for Arkansas’ breakout player at running back this next season.
  • One of the biggest selling points Morris supporters made to fans before he was hired was that Morris helped develop former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. Now, Arkansas is using that same tactic in recruiting.
  • Arkansas is honoring six athletes at its Salute to Excellence gala on Feb. 3. They’re being honored for character. The honorees are Grant Koch (baseball), Frank Ragnow (football), Mason Overstreet (golf), Maria Fassi (golf), Jessi Hartzler (soccer) and Taliyah Brooks (track and field).
  • One of Arkansas’ top running back targets has set a date for his official visit to campus.

Tweets and the like

• FYI: In NCAA Football 08, I took Craddock’s digital likeness and the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders to the national championship.

• Former Razorbacks basketball player Bobby Portis is pumped for his NBA G League friends.

• Former Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long hasn’t changed a bit. Tremendous tweet here: