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Dave Van Horn cares not for your panic.

Remember 24 hours ago when folks were panicked about Arkansas baseball? Yeah, about that …

Eric Bolin

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What a difference a day makes

Ahhhhh. Feels like only yesterday y’all were panicking about Arkansas baseball.

Oh, yeah. That was yesterday. Huh. Go figure.

Not everyone was panicked. The wise ones held firm. They realize that in the SEC, things happen. It’s the best conference in baseball. Arkansas didn’t play all that well in its weekend series against Mississippi State. But there was no reason to freak out, even after the 3-game sweep. The Razorbacks stayed in the top 10 in the national rankings and in line to host a regional, probably even a Super Regional if the opportunity presents itself.

Tuesday proved the Diamond Hogs are still a force with which to be reckoned. Dave Van Horn’s team dispatched the No. 4 team in the nation, Texas Tech, with relative ease. Arkansas pitching, which had been a bit of a bugaboo in recent weeks — especially in midweek games — was glimmering.

In the interest of transparency, Arkansas didn’t exactly beat around Tech’s ace. Ryan Sublette entered the game Tuesday with an 8.62 earned-run average in five starts. That should tell you about how important winning was for the Red Raiders in Game 1 of the series.

Still, beating a team of that caliber, no matter how its done, is no easy feat. It is proof that Arkansas can run with the so-called big dogs. And if the Diamond Hogs can do that, who knows how far they can go.

Connor Noland the QB or Connor Noland the pitcher?

The pitcher.

That’s the wise choice, anyway.

The soon-to-be graduate of Greenwood High is bound for the University of Arkansas this summer. He was recruited as a pitcher by Van Horn. He was also recruited by Bret Bielema and Chad Morris as a quarterback. Noland would be the first Arkansas baseball and football player, of note, since Barry Lunney Jr. Lunney, by the way, is Arkansas’ current tight ends coach.

The question was posed as to in which sport Noland will have more success at Arkansas. Answer? Baseball.

At least, the odds are with baseball. It’s hard to enter the SEC as a freshman and take over as a quarterback. Not quite as hard to enter the SEC as a freshman and take over as a pitcher. Granted, it isn’t easy to the latter, but greater opportunity lands there, too. Also, Noland is more touted as a professional baseball player than  professional football one.

That isn’t to say he won’t have success at Arkansas as a quarterback. He very well might. But baseball yields a clearer path right now.

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Tweets and the like

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