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Dave Van Horn knows his team has to be better Monday.

Heads-up: Umps had nothing to do with Arkansas losing Sunday

Eric Bolin

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Quit blaming the officials. Goodness gracious, people. Folks in the Arkansas media did it Sunday, too. Embarrassing.

How about, instead, Arkansas pitchers avoid giving up 3 home runs. Or maybe cut down on the 10 walks surrendered. Perhaps the Razorbacks’ lineup could have done better than 2 for 13 with runners on base or 0 for 9 when they were in scoring position.

Bottom line is Arkansas can blame no one but itself for losing to South Carolina in Game 2 of the Fayetteville Super Regional. Complaining that the loss is because, in part or in full, any other party is pathetic. Take some responsibility for your favorite team. It can, in fact, do wrong.

Coach Dave Van Horn wasn’t going to tread that path Sunday. When asked about home plate umpire Mike Morris after the game, Van Horn politely told longtime Arkansas beat writer Bob Holt that he couldn’t say anything. Holt replied that Van Horn could say something but would probably have to face repercussions from the SEC and/or NCAA. Van Horn chuckled and moved the conversation along.

This came after Van Horn and Morris had multiple heated exchanges in clear sight of people in the stadium and on television. Clearly, the Arkansas skipper was not a fan. If you sat close enough, odds are you heard an expletive or 60. The most common complaint being the fluidity of Morris’ strike zone.

And yet Van Horn wasn’t going there afterward. Sure, you could say it’s because he didn’t want a fine or whatever punishment would otherwise be in store. But he is also completely aware such things happen. Believe it or not, dear readers, Arkansas has been on the positive end of curious officiating in the past. Often in the past, even.

Point being: It comes out in the wash. Take care of yourself and the other stuff works out in the end. That’s what Arkansas has to do Monday in the winner-take-all game. The loser sees its season finished. Winner heads to the College World Series.


  • Clay Henry’s column at WholeHogSports: “Arkansas pitchers can’t find tight zone.” Uh huh. South Carolina pitchers found it just fine.
  • Fans at the game, of course, such as Hognoxious (yes, that’s what he goes by publicly), showed their displeasure toward Morris, too. Even became Twitter famous for it.

Tweets and the like

• See, Van Horn even did this and *still* didn’t blame the umpiring.

• Even if I had television, I can’t say I would tune into the 10 p.m. newscast for this. Ridiculous.

• Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.