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"They" like to talk about Mike Anderson.

Nothing happened Tuesday, so some ‘fans’ hated on Arkansas’ Mike Anderson

Eric Bolin

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Oh, them. They sure like to talk, don’t they?

They bust your chops when you don’t write all-positive, then they bust your chops when you write something positive — and more importantly, newsworthy — they don’t get excited about.

Such is life as a journalist. Can’t imagine being a coach. Definitely can’t imagine being a coach who is competent, skilled and the best the employer has seen in 20 years — and yet still subject to such fits of whim.

The so-called “they” were terribly unenthusiastic about Ibby Ali’s commitment to the Arkansas basketball team for next year. The Maumelle High player is in-state, which should excite. Problem is, to “they,” he didn’t do enough at the Class 5A school to justify his joining the Razorbacks.

Thankfully, few dogged Ali. More they dogged Mike Anderson. Shocker, right? They threw out the “figures, that’s the best Anderson can get” stuff. Unbelievable. And unsurprising. They don’t say it about Arkansas football, even though that program is has been no better than average — and most recently downright atrocious — most of the last 20 years.

Anyway, Ali isn’t likely to be a future beast. He’s a project. But as a natural center, on a team that has just one on the roster otherwise, he is an insurance policy. Think Willy Kouassi redux. For now. Development is possible.

Just, geez, relax.

Jordan Jones can still be a player at Arkansas

No one brings up his name anymore. In fact, it’s been six months — really the entire Chad Morris tenure — since Jordan Jones has been touted as anything more than a possible piece in the Arkansas wide receiver hierarchy.

The sophomore from Smackover, a town within the state’s borders, was a regular when former coach Bret Bielema and former wide receivers coach Michael Smith talked about players at the spot. They were enamored with his speed.

Jones hasn’t become slower. Appears he has just been chased down. After finishing third among wide receivers in catches in 2017, Jones was leapfrogged on the depth chart this spring. Fallen out of favor, perhaps?

Too soon to know whether it was just a rough first couple months with Morris at the helm or something bigger is at hand. Jones’ skill is still around and experience and production suggest he can do it at the SEC level. But he is also going to have to fight to get back to where he was.

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Tweets and the like

May is football marketing season. Arkansas has a couple NFL ambassadors to help. So that’s nice for the Razorbacks.

Missed this Monday, but selling a program is a lot less forced when the on-field results back up the off-field stories. Just saying.

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