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Frank Ragnow is an excellent talker. But can he replace Drew Morgan?

Austin Allen, K-Rich, Frank Ragnow headed to SEC Media Days … but who are the Hogs’ best talkers?

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So who’ll replace Drew Morgan … on the mic?

Drew Morgan is gone. It’s a bummer … for the team. And the fan base. And the media.

In addition to being a solid SEC wide receiver, Morgan was a talker. A great talker. Never lacking in confidence, Morgan would sometimes go first person. Sometimes he’d level and be reflective. Sometimes he’d just yank your chain.

Ah, yes. We shall miss you, Drew Morgan.

A whole host of guys will have a shot to replace him, both on the field and in the interview room. On the field, Brandon Martin appears most likely. The junior college transfer has characteristics of a top-line SEC wideout. In the talking department, though, well, that remains to be seen. Morgan was the best by a wide margin.

At SEC Media Days next week, coach Bret Bielema will bring with him three senior captains to speak with the media — quarterback Austin Allen, center Frank Ragnow and cornerback Kevin Richardson. None of those names is a huge shock.

Allen and Ragnow were givens to be in Hoover, Ala. Along with being senior captains, they are the best two players on the team. Richardson makes sense, too, even if he is somewhat of a surprise to the uninitiated. Bielema prefers to let his senior captains do that sort of thing.

And all three are OK when it comes to talking. Ragnow is gregarious and quick, and always has an observant answer. Richardson is a little quieter, but has never failed to genuinely answer a question, either. Allen used to be one of the best on the team. Not so much anymore. When he became the starting quarterback, he definitely put his guard up a bit. And that’s not a knock. Heck, it’s a good call by him.

Ragnow might be in the running as the man to replace Morgan as best interview. Rawleigh Williams III would have been the easy choice until his retirement. Williams was genuine and honest, too. Allen is always willing to talk to the media, which, should be a given as quarterback, but it doesn’t always work that way. He deserves credit for it.

arkansas-arkansas razorbacks-football-henre toliver-belk bowl
Arkansas is loaded at cornerback with guys such as Henre’ Toliver (foreground) back for 2017. (Jason Kersey/SEC Country)

My personal choice? Henre’ Toliver. Toliver has some swagger and he’ll tell things like they are. He’s also fun to chat with just man to man. Outside football-type stuff, too.

Still, the three who are headed to Media Days are deserving.

Moses Kingsley is a T-Wolf

T-Wolf? That doesn’t look right. Whatever.

Former Arkansas big man Moses Kingsley will be suiting up for the Minnesota Timberwolves this summer.

Dick Vitale-Arkansas-Moses Kingsley-Arkansas basketball
Former Arkansas center Moses Kingsley. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

NBA Summer League begins this weekend. Kingsley, who wasn’t drafted, landed with the T-Wolves (that looks better, doesn’t it?). They’ll play five games, at least, during play out in Las Vegas through mid-July. What happens after that with Kingsley remains to be seen.

He could have a big opportunity to show his stuff, though. Minnesota acquired Justin Patton, a center from Creighton, in a draft-night trade. Patton would normally be getting the lion’s share of the minutes in Vegas, but a broken bone in his left foot has him out altogether. Kingsley is likely to be the biggest beneficiary.

Kingsley was a two-time SEC All-Defensive Team selection and finished his senior season in 2016-17 averaging 12 points, 7.7 rebounds and 2.6 blocks.


In case you haven’t figured this out over the year or so I’ve been writing Breakfast, I’m not exactly a sentimental guy. But this story on Arkansas freshman linebacker Derrick Munson had me reading. Munson had to grow up fast while caring for his blind mother, writes our Jason Kersey.

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