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Arkansas coach Bret Bielema is likely to steal the show at SEC Media Days.

What will he say next? Bielema about to steal the show at SEC Media Days

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Papa Bret is about to take the stage.

Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema will be the first coach to step foot on the dais at SEC Media Days, which begin later today (Monday). If he is a little droopy-eyed, don’t hassle him. The new dad may not be sleeping through the night.

Unlike at home, however, all eyes and all attention will be paid to Mr. Bielema. He always draws a crowd. His comments generally are the most repeated. Sometimes for days after. Bielema is the biggest personality in the SEC — perhaps all of college football — and the world will watch him.

The world, of course, being college football. SEC Media Days are a spectacle. Anyone interested in the game checks it out, at least somewhat. And that makes Bielema’s opportunity Monday all the more important.

Because as the week continues on, as Bielema heads back to northwest Arkansas to resume fatherly duties, the rest of the league carries forward. By week’s end, predictions will come out about the SEC standings. Bielema will be long gone.

Where his team lands won’t be all that important, either.

Not gone, not forgotten

Rawleigh Williams III retired from football back in the spring. A neck injury scare, less than a year after a broken neck, was the catalyst.

Rawleigh Williams-Bret Bielema-Arkansas Razorbacks
Arkansas coach Bret Bielema and running back Rawleigh Williams III. (Trent Shadid/SEC Country)

He’s around, though. The 1,000-yard rusher isn’t on the team in a playing sense, but he’s helping the coaching staff as a student assistant of sorts. Bielema and the Arkansas athletic department even gave him a special place in this year’s media guide.

Williams’ entire retirement essay is printed inside the guide. He also has a biography page, same as every other player on the roster.

Good tribute.

The Lou Holtz Tour

Just a day after Arkansas announced a home-and-home football series with Notre Dame, the school made public another 2020 opp.

Kent State will visit the Natural State for the first game that season. The very next week Arkansas travels to South Bend, Ind., for its first-ever game against Notre Dame.

Kent State isn’t a terribly sexy nonconference opponent. Ken Haynes is in his fifth season at the Mid-American Conference school and the Golden Flashes haven’t won more than four games in a season under his direction. If that happens again this season, it’s hard to imagine Haynes will be there much longer.

Haynes, by the way, was Arkansas’ defensive coordinator before he was named head coach at Kent State.

Add to the coincidence: Lou Holtz played there. Holtz, of course, was most famously the coach at Notre Dame (the school Arkansas plays the following week) and later coach at South Carolina (a school Arkansas plays this season in the SEC).

Here is a look at the entire nonconference schedule as far as it’s been built out, save the 2025 game against the Fighting Irish.

arkansas-arkansas football
Screenshot of FBschedules.com

Yee-Haw! Today in Arkansas

I mean, really, who among us has never shot a friend with a gun?

Steven Armantrout now has, as the West Fork man mistook a friend of his for a thief and accidentally shot him early Friday morning.

The friend was in Armantrout’s yard near his trailer picking up something Armantrout told him he could have. Thing is, the friend was picking it up in the dead of the morning, around 2 a.m.

Armantrout’s son told his father of a disturbance outside. Armantrout got his gun, went outside, yelled for the people to exit their vehicle and proceeded to trip over something with his finger on the trigger. The gun went off, went through the windshield of the vehicle the friend was in and hit him in the shoulder.

Armantrout is being charged with a crime, per the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette story.

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