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Arkansas coach Chad Morris is saying all the right things.

Problem with Arkansas being ‘sleeping giant’ is that it’s asleep in first place

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Chad Morris recalled the most common fairy-tale of my childhood with his words on SiriusXM SEC Radio on Wednesday morning. He called the Arkansas football program “a sleeping giant waiting to be woken up.”

A giant is scary. Jack found that out. They’re big and powerful. They’re mean, too. Thing is, a sleeping one? A giant in that state can be taken advantage of. The smaller figures of the world can easily outmaneuver and outsmart a sleeping giant. Jack figured that out, too.

Arkansas may very well be a sleeping giant. But if it is, the wonder is when it’s going to wake up. Morris, the first-year coach, may very well be the one with the potion, the prince with the kiss, to blend fairy-tales on you.

That’s the hope around Fayetteville, anyway. Morris continues to say all the right things about the Arkansas football program. Arkansas’ 2018 recruiting class impressed, too, given the short amount of time he had to put it together. Signs point to the giant stirring.

… but still asleep. So, let’s not even delve into the comparisons Morris made between Arkansas and Clemson. How about just opening one eye first and making your way out of bed, there, big guy.

A sleeping giant is only scary if it wakes and rises. And this particular giant, he’s Rip Van Winkle.

Right now.

McTelvin Agim the All-American?

Some believe that. Arkansas’ junior defensive end is that good. Talent is not the question with Agim’s limit.

Others’ talent may be.

Agim’s biggest problem last year — a year that yielded 37 tackles, 2 1/2 sacks and 7 1/2 tackles for loss — was what he was up against. Constant double teams limited his numbers as a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme. Arkansas didn’t have the quality elsewhere to soak doubles away from him, so opposing offensive lines could focus on stopping Agim.

His hope, along with Hogs fans, is the switch back to the 4-3 — and the new coaching staff — will bring out more of Agim’s talent. His numbers will go up, in theory, because he won’t be as big of a focus.

“Now, we can actually show our athletic ability,” he said.

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  • Arkansas now has three divers who have qualified for the NCAA championships. Nicole Gillis finished seventh in the platform at the NCAA Zone D Division Championships to make the cut. Nationals are March 14-17 in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Agim, by the way, may be the biggest reason Dorian Gerald is also going to be in a Razorbacks uniform this fall. Gerald was the top junior college defensive end recruit in the country. Agim helped bring him to Arkansas.
  • Cole Kelley or Ty Storey? Who do you have starting games next year for Arkansas at quarterback? The two are in a dead heat right now, but neither has been terribly impressive just yet if you read between the lines from the way Morris speaks.
  • Bret Bielema, SEC expert. No, really. That’s what the former Arkansas coach was called when he was spotted at Alabama on Wednesday. I love Bielema and I think he knows a world about the game, but that title is a bit excessive.

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• Forgot for a minute Dan Enos is coaching at Alabama now. Boy, he really made out like a bandit, didn’t he? Good for him. Nice guy. Bielema, too.

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