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This trophy still stands as the most significant for Arkansas fans.

Spring practice, NCAA Tournament and Texas in town — what a week in Arkansas

Eric Bolin

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These are the best days of the Arkansas athletics calendar. Basketball is winning and ready to make a run. Baseball is gifted and welcomes a hated rival in town this week. Football has a renewed energy under a new coach.

People tend to tell sportswriters in the winter, after football is over, “Boy, I bet you’re glad.” Man, the gig is just getting started in February. March is where it’s at. So many great things happening. It can wear a man or woman down, but this is what it’s all about it.

The question is, to fans, what’s most important?

See, writing these morning columns, the idea is to recap everything in Arkansas sports from the day before. Or, in Monday morning’s case, the weekend. But the truth of the matter is, we also want you to read the thing. So, when writing this piece, really before writing it, I was torn.

Should I lead with football? In most cases, that’s the best bet. Football receives the most eyeballs under normal circumstances. Plus, the Razorbacks had practice and availability Monday. Makes sense.

But, wait. Basketball is in the NCAA Tournament in Detroit on Friday. The Big Dance. People love the brackets. Perhaps I lead with that.

No, no. Texas is in town. The game is Tuesday and is, by far, the most significant event of the day. And if there is any team that’s hated in the Natural State, it’s the Longhorns.

Get what I’m talking about now? So many riches. Enjoy it. This is why we watch/cover/love sports.

Arkansas with ‘K-Rich’ gives Hogs best backfield in SEC

OK, that might be a bit of hyperbole. Not as much as you might think, though.

Look at the roster in the defensive backfield as it stands right now. Santos Ramirez at safety is an honorable mention All-SEC pick at worst. Kamren Curl, perhaps now at safety, should have been All-SEC Freshman team last year at cornerback. Ryan Pulley is a future NFL player on one boundary. Chevin Calloway has lockup potential written all over him.

Then, there is Kevin Richardson. My personal favorite. The guy worked his way from walk-on status to a starter in the SEC in just two years. Injuries dampened his impact in 2017, but he’s searching for a hardship waiver in hopes of getting a final year of eligibility. Richardson thinks he’ll get one. Coach Chad Morris thinks he’ll get one.

If he does, my goodness, watch out opposing quarterbacks.

Are you smarter than I am?

Of course you are. But prove it.

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Should be fine. Besides, you’re already in, like, 12 other bracket pools, anyway. At least if you win ours, you can win some sweet SEC Country swag.

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  • Arkansas women’s basketball didn’t quite have the season it hoped in 2017-18, but it was a step in the right direction under first-year coach Mike Neighbors. The Razorbacks are going to celebrate the year at Bud Walton Arena in April and the public is invited.
  • Dave Van Horn’s baseball team didn’t move in the weekly SEC Country power poll. The Diamond Hogs are still sitting pretty at third in the league. They do get the top team, Kentucky, this weekend, though.
  • Depending on who you ask, Arkansas either received a great draw or a terrible one for the NCAA Tournament. Butler, the No. 10 seed, is actually favored in Las Vegas. Still, I’m saying it’s a good get for the Hogs.
  • Morris has done a great job getting the slobber-knockers, defensive and offensive linemen, in his recruiting class so far. Now come the skill players. Arkansas will have some elite ones on campus soon.

Tweets and the like

• Laying down the challenge right now. Find a better-dressed coach in the NCAA Tournament. Good luck.

• Gonna be a fun couple days out at the park.

• I missed this Sunday night, so you may have seen it already, but the announcers are known for Arkansas’ games in Detroit.

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