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Arkansas coach Chad Morris is dealing with his first significant, publicly known discipline issue.

Hey, how about that? Arkansas football does have some fight in them

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Arkansas football coach Chad Morris made it officially official during his Wednesday press conference: at least two of his players were absent from practice. The reason? Something to do with fisticuffs at Kappa Alpha.

Video came out Tuesday showing an altercation at the University of Arkansas fraternity. Word quickly spread that, supposedly, some Arkansas football players were involved. Morris confirmed involvement Wednesday, but it’s unclear to what extent. Bystanders? Participants? Instigators? No one is certain. No one is even certain which players are missing from practice because of it.

Honestly, though, the incident seems rather minor. At least, the incident as shown in the video seems minor. Don’t mean to suggest there were not more dastardly things going on away from the camera, nor mean to suggest there were. But what is visible in the video is less than jaw-dropping.

Definitely it’s not a *good* sign. Not a positive public relations piece. A boneheaded decision by whomever is involved. However, we’re not talking an investigation of assault on a female, a la JaCorey Williams from a couple years back. We’re not talking an investigation of a so-called sucker punch of a nightclub bouncer, a la Williams from a couple years back (well, actually, the video … maybe). Not talking Williams at all. So, that’s good for Arkansas football.

Really, from a PR standpoint, it’s far less damaging than the fistfight that broke out between Devwah Whaley and a still-yet-unnamed teammate last fall. That might have blown over, but it was a perfect harbinger of things to come that season.

This? Even if it’s a bad look for a 4-8 football team, this doesn’t seem like that at all.

Of course, let’s wait on the tape, er, investigation.

2 areas Arkansas football has to fix on field

Simple. Arkansas’ offensive line has been brutal the last two years. Arkansas’ defensive line has been almost as bad in that stretch. If those two areas get fixed, even to a level of average, the Razorbacks go bowling in 2018.

Easy, right? Except, not really.

Defensive line, not as many worries from this writer. McTelvin Agim is going to be a player, even if he’s being double-teamed on a regular basis. What will help him, however, is the addition of another man on the front. Arkansas’ move back to the 4-3 is an automatic win for Agim. The addition of Dorian Gerald, the top junior college defensive end recruit in the country, also seems like a giant plus. Randy Ramsey, by all reports, has been a positive now that he’s full-time at defensive end, too.

Offensive line, on the other hand, not so much. The unit lost Frank Ragnow, Mr. Everything. He wasn’t just an All-American, he was a rock. A four-year starter who played all three spots on the line; guys like that aren’t easy to replace. Hjalte Froholdt is a potential All-SEC player at left guard, but the rest of the unit has a ton of “getting better” to do.

Maybe first-year O-line coach Dustin Fry can hurry the process along. Right now, we just don’t know, even after a full spring.

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Tweets and the like

• Regarding the sucker punch comment from above — I mean, the dude isn’t looking when the forearm comes (but mostly misses).

• Spring is FINA, as we used to say up at ESPN Stats and Analysis. That’s it. See you in about five months, football.

• Offensive coordinator Joe Craddock, ladies and gentlemen. Big fan of coaches in their early 30s. Great group, those of that age.

• I wasn’t around for the Matt Reynolds era at Arkansas. Was working up at the aforementioned outlet. I’m a bit disappointed in that. Watching from afar, the dude was a beast.

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