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Arkansas quarterback Cole Kelley would be the least likely of those at the position to leave right now.

An Arkansas quarterback will transfer in next 18 months, but which one?

Eric Bolin

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Question of the Day: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Who is the real Arkansas quarterback of the future? – Anonymous

When K.J. Jefferson, Class of 2019, committed to Arkansas on Friday, fans were ecstatic. Arkansas hasn’t had many dual-threat quarterbacks in its history. Matt Jones is the most recent one and that was almost 20 years ago.

Jefferson was labeled, even here, as Arkansas’ quarterback of the future.

Needless to say I didn’t write that designation. That has nothing to do with what I think about Jefferson. If you have been following me for more than two weeks of the five years I have covered the Razorbacks, you know I’m not much into recruiting. Kind of a doofus when it comes that stuff. Thus, I’m not the one who wrote it.

The main reason I wouldn’t do that is because if Jefferson is the quarterback of the future, what are all the other quarterbacks on the Arkansas roster?

When/if Jefferson arrives for fall ball in 2019, here is who else — as of right now — coach Chad Morris will have on his roster at quarterback:

Cole Kelley, junior

Ty Storey, senior

Daulton Hyatt, sophomore

Connor Noland, sophomore/redshirt freshman

John Stephen Jones, sophomore/redshirt freshman

Anyone else see the problem here? Football is played with one ball at a time. At least two of those players are almost never going to see the field. Honestly, it’s reminiscent of the problem Arkansas had a couple of years back when the roster included Austin Allen, Ty Storey, Rafe Peavey and Ricky Town. Four scholarship quarterbacks. Two of them left.

You’d have to think that at least two of the current quarterbacks will leave, too. Sure, it’s possible they will stay for the free education and passion of being a Hogs player. But if they want to play, they’ll leave. Notice, I’m not making any guesses as to who it will be as I did a couple of years back when I said, well before it happened, that Peavey and Town would leave. I wrote it, made both sets of parents upset and then it happened anyway.

Not going there this time. Just saying it’s going to happen. Best guess is one will leave soon, then another next summer/fall. Be ready for it.