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Arkansas pitcher Jake Reindl has been money lately.

Arkansas might be best baseball team in country and this proves it

Eric Bolin

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Much has been made in recent weeks about Arkansas baseball in midweek games. The Razorbacks have not excactly been thrilling to the eye.

But a 5-1 record since SEC play has started shows coach Dave Van Horn isn’t slouching. When it’s combined with a glimmering 10-5 record in conference play, it’s no wonder Arkansas is a consensus top 5 team in the country. And, honestly, the Diamond Hogs should be higher than that.

The case can be made Arkansas is the best team in the country. Really. Look at it. Arkansas went to Gainesville, Fla., earlier this year and lost a series to the No. 1 team in the nation, Florida. Thing is, the Diamond Hogs should have won that series. A silly mistake cost the Razorbacks Game 3, a 5-4 loss. Should have been an Arkansas win. On top of that, the series at Ole Miss, a series Arkansas lost two games to one, should have also been a Razorbacks win. Van Horn’s team was the superior club that weekend, but mistakes cost it.

Had the Diamond Hogs won those two games and won those two series, we’d be staring at an Arkansas baseball team ranked No. 1 in the country. Arkansas would be ranked No. 1 rightfully, too.

Van Horn’s baseball bunch is rolling. Practically complete, they hit, they run, they pitch. Arkansas is so good, in fact, some outlets have them as the No. 2 seed in the country. That’d be behind only those Gators.

If you haven’t seen them, or worse, if you are worried, quit. Arkansas baseball deserves a look.

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Chad Morris is Ferris Bueller

No, really. Arkansas’ first-year football coach has not been on the sidelines for a single game yet. He was just hired in December for the fired Bret Bielema.

Morris has, though, wasted no time in endearing himself to the Arkansas fan base. Even those who were wary of hiring a former high school coach from Texas, they’re onboard. His personality fits the state beautifully.

Thus, Ferris Bueller. Morris doesn’t cause the trouble, doesn’t get invovled in the hijinks of the iconic 1980s film character. He is, however, universally liked.

The question is how long that lasts.


Tweets and the like

• The football team brought in a guest speaker Tuesday. Damon West goes around the country as a cautionary tale. He’s a former addict who has turned his life around.

• Dadgumit. We have lost Patrick Pierson to Oregon and now David Beall to Kennesaw State just in the last three months. Arkansas is losing its best sports information directors. If John Thomas leaves soon, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

• To be fair, I didn’t go either (my son had his first tee-ball game of the season and if you think I was missing that, you’re mistaken), but this is a somewhat disappointing number.

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