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Arkansas coach Mike Anderson is doing a fantastic job.

Remember when you wanted Mike Anderson fired at Arkansas? Silliness

Eric Bolin

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One of my favorite things about sportswriting is the people that say, “Let the games play out.” No one follows that advice. I say the phrase sometimes and immediately feel foolish afterward. Projection and prognostication are what sports are all about. We spend more time wondering whether a player will re-sign with a team than what that player is doing right now. Just the way it goes.

That’s why I fully anticipate what follows to draw such a response.

Mike Anderson is the perfect coach for Arkansas basketball. If he leads his Razorbacks to just one more win, just one more, he will have overachieved. Overachieved relative to preseason expectations, but overachieved, nonetheless.

Folks, this team was not, on paper, a top 3 finisher in the SEC. The passion of the moment — wins against Oklahoma and Minnesota — had some thinking that was the case. Never was. For the most part, Arkansas has hovered around where it was expected. It was supposed to be an NCAA Tournament bubble team and, right now, Arkansas can only barely be qualified as such, if at all. Every reputable bracket projection in the land has the Razorbacks as “in” if the Big Dance was revealed today.

Technically, the Razorbacks could lose their four remaining games. That would leave them with the exact record picked back in November. And it would ultimately return that bubble designation.

The odds of that happening are long. Arkansas hasn’t lost four straight games since Anderson has been coach. The last time it happened John Pelphrey was running the ship back in the 2009-10 season. It’s hard to imagine it happening this time.

Arkansas has won four straight basketball games. The Razorbacks are 3-0 in their last three games against Top 25 teams. The arrow is pointing north. Arkansas is on the verge of making the NCAA Tournament for the third time in four years.

That’s Anderson’s doing. Deal with it.

Arkansas baseball starts solid

To say the least.

The Diamond Hogs outscored Bucknell 49-7 to open the 2018 college baseball season at Baum Stadium over the weekend. The 32 runs scored in the Hogs’ win on Saturday was one short of the all-time record. The Razorbacks’ 3-1 win on Sunday locked up the sweep. Arkansas looked every bit of the third-ranked team in the nation.

Of course, Bucknell is from the Patriot League. This week promises to be moderately harder. Arkansas plays four games in California — against Arizona, Cal Poly, San Diego State and San Diego. The Diamond Hogs are better than all four of their opponents. That long on the road, though, is a challenge, no matter how good a team is.

Based off that first weekend, you’ll want to watch this week.


  • Not a bad little weekend for the Arkansas softball team, which started its season, too. The Razorbacks went out to California and have gone 4-0 so far. The highlight was beating 21st-ranked Utah. One more game Monday against Fordham.
  • Freshman diver Brooke Schultz won her first SEC diving title on Wednesday. Big deal considering it was Arkansas’ first in school history. Then, she did it again Friday. Impressive. She won the 3-meter title with a personal-best score of 385.65.
  • The women’s basketball team fell Sunday, 62-57, against LSU. Arkansas now sits in a tie for 12th place with Florida with two games left in SEC play. The Razorbacks finished last — 14th — in the conference last season.

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Tweets and the like

• The 32-4 Arkansas win on Saturday was nice for fans and all, but this was the best moment of the weekend. Nothing — I mean nothing — finer than a throw to the plate from the outfield to nail a runner.

• Arkansas proud, ladies and gentlemen. John Daly the legend.

• Wishing I could put the “another one” meme after this backup to Anderson’s credentials.

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