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Arkansas guard Anton Beard has played in two NCAA Tournaments in his career.

Arkansas average prediction in NCAA Tournament right now is an 11 seed

Eric Bolin

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Well, what do you know, another 1-1 week for Arkansas. They’re the definition of middling since SEC play began, a good, clean 6-6.

Perhaps “good” isn’t the proper term. Arkansas is wholly average lately, but it’s been enough, mostly, to keep the Razorbacks on the right side of most prognosticator’s NCAA Tournament predictions. One of the major bracketologies (liberal use of a plural word for a make-believe word in the first place, admittedly) has Arkansas on the cusp, playing in a 12-seed de facto play-in game.

The average has the Razorbacks as an 11-seed. But that’s if the season ended today. Will .500 basketball the rest of the way be enough to keep Arkansas there? It’s hard to say. Hard to say, though, means maybe not.

Arkansas needs to rack up wins in its final seven games of the regular season. It also, depending on how those games play out, may need one in the SEC Tournament, too.

Thin ice.

Arkansas Razorbacks

  • Record: 16-8 (5-6 in SEC)
  • RPI: 36
  • BPI: 43
  • KenPom: 47
  • Strength of schedule (SOS): 22


  • 10-seed ESPN
  • 12-seed (play-in game) Real-Time RPI
  • 11-seed Bracketville
  • 11-seed Washington Post

Similar teams:

  • Missouri (30 RPI, 46 BPI)
  • Texas (46 RPI, 39 BPI)
  • Virginia Tech (66 RPI, 30 BPI)

Three teams all comparable to Arkansas. Three teams all comparable to each other. Yet three teams completely dissimilar.

Missouri’s RPI is high, but isn’t highly thought of by the ESPN metric of the Basketball Power Index. Texas is most like Arkansas in the metrics, with its two numbers close to each other. Virginia Tech has a low RPI, but the BPI thinks highly of the Hokies.

All three teams are on the same line as Arkansas. That is, more or less, they’re all routed in the 8-seed to 11-seed average. They’re on the bubble, but more or less a strong “in” when it comes NCAA Tournament projections.