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Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen is a quiet leader.

Arkansas QB Austin Allen is going back to his 2016 self and that’s good news for fans

Eric Bolin

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Trust is the key word for Austin Allen moving forward

No, Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen did not cut his hair in an effort to get more serious. The man takes his job and his team plenty seriously already.

He is, however, changing some actual important qualities after the Razorbacks’ 28-7 loss to TCU on the weekend. Namely, Allen is going to start trusting more. He is going to trust his receivers and his protection. He is going to trust himself.

A day after offensive coordinator Dan Enos publicly chided him (a bit) on overthinking, Allen owned up to it. He said during media availability Thursday, on this bye week, that he was doing too much. No sense in trying to be perfect. That gets him hit, wastes precious time and allows the secondary to collapse.

From now on, Allen is going to back to the Allen of 2016. That’s good news for fans, because that Allen is the man who played well enough to earn him the label of best passer in the SEC.

Arkansas’ stats tell us what, exactly?

Not a whole lot, frankly. Not yet, anyway.

Arkansas is either eighth or 10th in the SEC in every major team statistical category except one. Passing offense, rushing offense, scoring offense, rushing defense and scoring defense all hold average or just-below rankings. Passing defense is fifth in the SEC.

These are decent numbers against which to draw a trend line. As in, it looks like Arkansas’ secondary — which has been the strength of the team all offseason — is going to continue to be solid. Everything else is such a wash, it’s hard to glean much.

That changes in about eight days. When Arkansas meets Texas A&M, whatever numbers come out of that, combined with the ones already on the table, that’s when we will get a good idea if what the Razorbacks are doing well will hold and what they’re doing poorly will remain poor.

Hurry up and wait.

Bye-week blues

Thursday was that awkward day for Arkansas football and news. We are so far away from the TCU game now that it’s gone from the rearview mirror. We are also not close to the Razorbacks’ next game. Players who came to team availability on Thursday night talked about how this week was about getting better.

Beyond that, there was little to write about. If you’re a fan, that’s a good thing. No drama, at least.

Give that until Monday when Texas A&M prep is in full-go.


  • Defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads doesn’t think the TCU loss is going to hurt Arkansas in recruiting. Seems right. Hogs have lost worse games the last two seasons and their recruiting ranking stayed the same.
  • Questions from you and answers from Trent Shadid about Arkansas recruiting. The biggest question out there is about the 2019 targets and them visiting elsewhere.
  • Shadid also projects the 2018 offensive class when it comes to Arkansas football.
  • Arkansas volleyball (8-2) heads to Dallas this weekend for its nonconference finale. The Razorbacks play Sam Houston State on Friday and SMU on Saturday. SEC play begins Wednesday against Tennessee at Barnhill Arena.

Tweets and the like

Jeff Long is slowly becoming my favorite athletic director in the country. In fairness, I don’t have a favorite, nor even a ranking of ADs. But the man has had a rough week and he still has his … interesting sense of humor on Twitter.

Arkansas-arkansas football-jeff long
Jeff Long twitter exchange with a fan (Screenshot from Twitter)

Can you imgine if Gerry Bohanon decides to pick Louisville? Bohanon is the quarterback at Earle High School in Earle, Arkansas.

Me, too, on that first sentence, Jonathan. Me, too.

Yee-Haw! Today in Arkansas

Ah, yes. Outdoor urination. One of life’s small joys for men everywhere. Well, everywhere being “rural America.”

If you’re in town, probably not advisable. Definitely not on a city street. Absolutely positively not on a city street if you’re a police officer in uniform.


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