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Arkansas quarterback Cole Kelley is the returning starter … in a way.

Arkansas quarterbacks aren’t exactly lighting it up right now

Eric Bolin

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Question of the Day: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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First instinct might be to say “that isn’t a question.” You’d be right. Tucker did follow it up with asking if I agreed, though, so we’re tackling it.

And the answer is, yes, absolutely I agree. Quarterback is a major question mark for the Arkansas football team this spring. It may be a major question mark for the Arkansas football team into the fall.

Cole Kelley started some games last year and was fair. Funny thing is, at the time he was in for the injured Austin Allen, many were glowing. His cannon arm impressed. His ability to run with some skill impressed. His accuracy needed a bit of work, but most critics were positive for the future. Then Allen came back from injury, Kelley was arrested and the favor he had built with some of the fan base dissipated.

Former coach Bret Bielema suspended him for a bit. Allen maintained through the end of the season — and his eligibility. All that leads us to where we are now.

Kelley is back. So is Ty Storey, who served as Allen’s backup the year before. And a couple freshmen are in contention. And none of them are experienced enough to call the spot a plus going into the fall. In fact, outside of the potential — Storey and freshman Connor Noland (who isn’t even on campus yet) are former 4-star recruits — there isn’t a lot optimism about Arkansas quarterback in 2018.

The best news is Morris isn’t hiding behind that. The things he has said this spring about his quarterbacks have been honest. Well, as honest as coaches can be, anyway. I definitely recommend fans take note of what he says about the group because I’m with Tucker — not sure it’s glimmering just yet.