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It was a rough night for Arkansas basketball coach Mike Anderson.

Arkansas-Notre Dame is great, Reggie Perry de-committing is not

Eric Bolin

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Jeff Long will be about 65 years old in 2025. Bret Bielema will about 55. His child — due any day now — will be 8.

Why bring all that up?

That’s the year Notre Dame visits Fayetteville for the back end of a home-and-home series against Arkansas, which was announced Thursday.

Arkansas heads to South Bend in 2020 and Notre Dame comes to NWA five years later. The teams have never played.

“This series will benefit our football program, our university and the Southeastern Conference, but more importantly it is an opportunity for our football student-athletes to compete against one of college football’s storied programs while providing a premier matchup for our fans,” Long said in the news release.

Notre Dame doesn’t generally schedule slouch teams. The Fighting Irish are an independent. They have no conference. That means to build a résumé, they have to fill the bulk of their schedule with Power 5 teams. Arkansas fits the bill.

Whether Long or Bielema will be around for 2025 is anyone’s guess. Odds are probably not. The season would be Bielema’s 15th as Arkansas coach if he’s still around. Such a stretch would make him the second-longest tenured head man in Razorbacks history, behind only the icon, Frank Broyles.

No matter who is running the show, though, each game is sure to be a good time. Arkansas isn’t falling off the face of the earth in relevancy between now and then. Notre Dame sure isn’t.

Besides, people love to hate Notre Dame. I mean, this parody of Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius commercial is perfect in that regard.


Reggie Perry de-commits and the world crumbles

That sound you heard about 10 p.m. late Wednesday night was not in fact, the wind. It was a sigh of frustration across Arkansas.

247Sports composite 4-star basketball recruit Reggie Perry de-committed from Arkansas on Wednesday. Perry, who is ranked in the top 20 in the class of 2018 by just about every recruiting service, was the jewel of Mike Anderson’s class. And while the class is still solid, it’s more on level with the Razorbacks typically have gotten.

There’s almost no chance Perry changes his mind back and re-commits, either. He cited his father’s health as a reason. Perry lives in Georgia, so, in theory, he would want to stay closer to Peach State. Florida State is a likely landing spot.

Side note: This is not the way to question the decision.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter for this upcoming season, though. Arkansas has an all-Natural State group of freshmen in this year’s class and the Razorbacks return one of the best back-court combinations in the SEC in Jaylen Barford and Daryl Macon. Take some solace in that.

Yee-Haw! Today in Arkansas

Listen, Little Rock has its share of crime, but it isn’t a scary place. You know what is a scary place? The backwoods.

Stories like this one creep me out much more than “guy robbed (again) in state capital:”

According to the report, a couple was canoeing down the Mulberry River when they stopped and had a chat with a bearded man on the shore. After some conversation, the bearded man reportedly took the woman hostage with a machete. Trying to help, the other man suffered cuts to his ear and arm from the machete and had to be airlifted to the hospital. The woman was not hurt.


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