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Les Miles, like everyone else in football, is a candidate to be the next football coach at Arkansas, apparently.

Forget football, it’s rumor mill season at Arkansas

Eric Bolin

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‘Bielema out soon!’ No kidding

It was a throwaway sentence in a piece filled with conjecture. The words were so casually written, it can only barely be called a report. No evidence or background. Simple matter-of-fact statement.

Nothing wrong with it. Such stories are part of the game. But let’s all just hold our horses in reading “Bret Bielema out at season’s end” as some kind of hard-and-fast, set-in-stone thing here.

SB Nation’s exact wording simply reads:

The Razorbacks will move on from head coach Bret Bielema after the season.

That’s it. The next several sentences talk about possible replacements, then the piece continues on with other schools and their coaching situations. Hardly earth-shattering.

But this isn’t a dig at SB Nation. Heck, it’s a great view-from-the-top look at where college football is when it comes to the men in charge of programs. Laden with opinion and broad. I do similar stories a couple times a week.

It isn’t some guarantee, though, so slow your roll on wondering just when that hammer is dropping. More of an offhand remark than some official breaking news situation.

Told ya Gus Malzahn to Arkansas only getting hotter

In the same SB Nation overview — just a couple sentences away from the one above, even — is the statement Gus Malzahn has interest in Arkansas.

Shocks no one, really, at this point. Malzahn is a born-and-bred Natural Stater and practically lives on the hot seat at Auburn. What was a bit surprising was what SB Nation said Arkansas was doing to cater to Malzahn.

Per the story, the chancellor and board of trustees will let Malzahn have a hand in picking his boss.

Holy smokes.

You read that right. Malzahn can pick his boss.

Am I the only one who thinks that’s a horrible, awful, stupid idea? Am I also the only one who isn’t the least bit shocked by it?

Arkansas wants an Arkansas man (or woman), I am wholly convinced. And apparently, those in charge will do what’s necessary to make it happen. That is, unless Malzahn wins the Iron Bowl this week. That changes everything.

Houston Nutt as athletic director seems like a not-great idea

John Daly preferring Houston Nutt for Arkansas athletic director seems exactly like the sort of thing Daly would prefer.

The Arkansas native and most infamous non-former-president Razorbacks fan in the country is known for his irascibility and wild man ways. Nutt returning to Arkansas, in a coaching or administrative role, would provide plenty of fuel for both such viewpoints.

It’s not difficult to imagine Nutt in some sort of role with the university. He’s a personable guy. He could raise money, work with athletic alums, be a great marketer. It is difficult, however, to see him in a role that requires discretion, loads of glad-handing and a massive amounts of business sense.

Don’t fool yourself, though. There are monied people, people with pull, who think like Daly. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But …

There are simply far too many people, I have to imagine, close to Arkansas athletics who hold a grudge against Nutt for the way things ended in the late 2000s, anyway.


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• This … goodness. Things are so bad with fans right now in Arkansas. It’s part of the reason Coach Bielema is on his way out and part of the reason athletic Jeff Long has already gone.

• One of the brightest spots this season for Arkansas football has been De’Jon Harris. He looks like a star in the middle of the Hogs defense at linebacker.

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