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Arkansas running back Devwah Whaley may be the odd man out in light of the Razorbacks' newest commitment.

Could Devwah Whaley be on the outs at Arkansas under Chad Morris?

Eric Bolin

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News and views

Out in Colorado, Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla is known for doing news and views columns. For example: “News — Rockies sweep Dodgers. Views — Better lucky than good.” They are the definition of what this job entails in this day and age.

Such things sometimes don’t go over all that well with the fan base. Imagine Rockies fans arguing “Kiszla never gives us any credit.” The key being “us,” as though they play on the team, too.

Works that way a lot here in Arkansas. It’s about to work that way right now.

News: Arkansas received a commitment from a junior-college running back Monday.

Views: Arkansas doesn’t love what it has at the top of its depth chart at the position.

Without this veering off into Ricky Town August 2015 territory, the premise is the same. Coaches don’t go hard after non-high school players who they think won’t be able to help them quickly. Rakeem Boyd, an upcoming junior from Independence Community College, is such a player. He had offers from Colorado and Arizona State after starting his college football career at Texas A&M before running into reported academic issues.

Boyd isn’t planning to attend Arkansas to sit on the bench. With offers from other power-conference schools, he seems the type of player who wants to start, or at least serve in a timeshare his first full season from JUCO. If that’s the case, what does that say about what Chad Morris and the offensive staff think about what Arkansas has in the backfield right now?

Chase Hayden looked the part of a big-time player in his freshman season. His build is small, though, and he may not be an every down, first-string back. Besides, another player on the Arkansas roster looked like a breakout player after his freshman year, too, but Devwah Whaley had a below-average second season in 2017.

T.J. Hammonds was phenomenal two games in the middle of last season, but he’s also a man with too many positions. Maleek Williams was a Bret Bielema recruit but redshirted after that coaching staff glowed.

Where’s that leave Boyd?

Honestly, it’s probably terrible news for Whaley and Williams. It’s difficult to envision yet another season in which Hammonds is underused and it’s hard to see a staff coming in and not appreciating what Hayden brings to the table.

Keep your eyes on the position in the next few weeks and then into spring camp. It could be a bear of a fight for carries.

Arkansas basketball doing exactly as predicted

It’s easy being cynical. It’s hard to be right. It’s crazy to be both.

Yet here we are with the Arkansas basketball team. A good chunk of the fan base is frustrated with the Razorbacks’ 3-4 start to SEC play. Others are hopeful, a better performance against Ole Miss in a 97-93 win Saturday perhaps the sign of things to come.

Truth lies in the middle. That near-.500 record is precisely where the Razorbacks belong, barring something wild by season’s end. They’re about to go on a run and tease again. Arkansas might even get to four games above even in league play and flirt with a high seed.

But so far, this team has done as level heads thought. Isn’t likely to change now.

Football was frustrating, basketball is middling … baseball will be great

It’s about that time. Don’t tell me it’s January; I know it’s January. It’s late January, in fact, which means Arkansas baseball starts in less than a month.

And why not get prepared for it now? After the disappointment of Arkansas football and the roller coaster that is Arkansas basketball right now, the Diamond Hogs bring some stability and promise to Razorbacks athletics.

Before Dave Van Horn and his team meet the assembled media, some of whom won’t be seen again until regionals, we wanted to give our preview of the Arkansas baseball season. It started Monday with a look, capsules if you will, at the Diamond Hogs schedule. Opponent by opponent, there is a brief about what each brings to the table.

Season opens Feb. 16 against Bucknell.

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  • Arkansas football lost two players off its expected 2018 roster Monday. Offensive lineman Jake Heinrich has spinal issues that are practically forcing him into retirement. A real shame. Linebacker Josh Harris is leaving as a graduate transfer.
  • Deatrich Wise was a likable guy when he was with the Razorbacks. Outgoing. He was a fraternity guy, did track and field for a while. No one knew he was a dancer, though.
  • Bob Stoops’ son visited Arkansas. Can you imagine what kind of rumors Hogville will stir up if he attends?
  • Daniel Gafford was named SEC Freshman of the Week for the second time this season. He’s one of only three Arkansas players to get the honor multiple times. The other two are in the NBA — Patrick Beverley and Bobby Portis.

Tweets and the like

This is Rakeem Boyd’s announcement.

Jake Heinrich’s announcement, too.

Arkansas had lost a lot of recruits to de-commitments recently. This one is the reverse. Hogs picked one up.

The offseason is all about getting excited. Never mind personnel from a 4-8 team, the Razorbacks have a new coaching staff. On top of the world. As Kevin Garnett once yelled with enthusiasm, “anything’s possible.”