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Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen is a leader now

Austin Allen has shed his ‘long hair, don’t care’ attitude, even if he’s kept the hair

Eric Bolin

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All grow’ds up

Ask fans in northwest Arkansas who follow high school football and most will tell you Austin Allen was a better natural quarterback than his older brother Brandon. The knock on Austin was (and that’s an important verb — was) his more casual attitude. Ask those around the Razorbacks camp the last couple years, though, and that sure isn’t the case anymore. His coach, Bret Bielema, said it in front of a national audience on Tuesday.

A job there for the taking

AJ Derby. Hunter Henry. Jeremy Sprinkle. Who is the next Arkansas tight end to head to the NFL? Well, Austin Cantrell is a returning starter, but lots of eyes are on junior college transfer Jeremy Patton, who has the tools.

More Williamses than you can shake a stick at

It began with Jonathan Williams. Then on to Rawleigh. Now, the third and fourth running backs with that so-very-common last name will get their turn for Arkansas in the Bielema era. David Williams is a grad transfer from South Carolina. Maleek is a freshman from Florida. If they’re anything like the two previous Williamses, Arkansas will be just fine in the backfield this season.

Season starts this month, but recruiting never ends

It’s like that old phrase that you’re never really off the clock. SEC Country’s recruiting writer for the Razorbacks, Trent Shadid, explores exactly what Arkansas will be looking to accomplish in this last month of summer. Mostly, the Hogs need to hold on to their commitments.

Replacing Uncle Verne

It seems people either loved Verne Lundquist or despised his announcing. Either way, the former CBS play-by-play man — who is most famous in the South for being the voice of SEC football — is retired. Into his place steps another familiar voice in Brad Nessler. The Associated Press’ Ralph Russo caught up with the former ESPN and ABC talent before Nessler’s first game this season. That game just so happens to be Razorbacks vs TCU on Sept. 9.

Dearth of experience, not dearth of talent

Linebacker was a trouble spot for Arkansas last season. And while three of the four spots in the team’s 3-4 scheme this season are more or less on lock for starters, one more remains. Never mind the second-stringers who will be called on often. First-year outside linebackers coach Chad Walker likes what he’s seen from two of his freshmen.

How ’bout them Cowboys … and Razorbacks

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of the most famous former Razorbacks football players in history. In this piece from AP’s Schuyler Dixon, Jones reflects on his start in the game in the Natural State, ahead of his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction.

Tweets and the like

Yes, Trent, because his move past that dummy was the stuff of legends.

That’s a joke. My boy Shadid is the best. And, yes, McTelvin Agim is likely to be a rock star this season.

Our fellow colleague Trey Biddy wrote about all those tweets you saw Tuesday morning from high school seniors. They had committed, but Tuesday was the first day they officially had scholarship offers. Formality, really.

Arkansas linebacker Dwayne Eugene is eating well, it appears.

Arkansas linebacker Dwayne Eugene’s tweet

Former Arkansas basketball player Bobby Portis is a Little Rock native and a former 5-star recruit who didn’t leave the state to play his college hoops. On occasion, he makes sure everyone knows it. All Hogs for that guy.