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QB Brandon Allen (left) and OL Dan Skipper (right) are former Bret Bielema Hogs who are now in the NFL.

One thing is for sure: Bret Bielema knows how to place guys in the NFL

Eric Bolin

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The Razorbacks have almost 30 players playing professional football at the highest level. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

They didn’t all come from Bret Bielema’s time at Arkansas, of course. But the Razorbacks are putting more guys into the National Football League now than, really, ever before. Close to it, anyway.

The question being asked right now, though, is who is going to be next? Yeah, it might be early to ask that question, as our Jason Kersey wrote. That’s especially true considering the most recent batch of Arkansas players have yet to play a game in the NFL.

Over the weekend, Kersey went over the seniors with the best shot to be in the league next season.

His list:
• Frank Ragnow, center
• Austin Allen, quarterback
• Jared Cornelius, wide receiver
• Henre’ Toliver, cornerback
• Bijhon Jackson, defensive tackle

That list just includes seniors. Otherwise, it might look different. It might look something like this:

arkansas-razorbacks-arkansas football-hjalte froholdt
Arkansas left guard Hjalte Froholdt is a completely different player in Year 2. (Jason Kersey/SEC Country)

• Ragnow, center
• Allen, quarterback
• Ryan Pulley, cornerback
• Hjalte Froholdt, guard
• Cornelius, wide receiver

“Froholdt,” you might wonder? Yep. And we’ll get to the why of it shortly.

Ragnow is easy. He will be taken and likely high. He’s the best center in the country. Allen is almost definitely a lock, too, though not quite as high. His talent is even better than his brother Brandon’s, and Brandon went to Jacksonville.

The other three are a bit more on edge.

And you might wonder, “Froholdt? Really?” Yes. The same man who had major difficulties at the beginning of last season has made a leap. Plus, it’s always been a matter of learning it for him. His physicality is overwhelming.

Cornelius needs some consistency to make it and he has yet to show that. However, he is the undisputed leader of the receiving corps this season and will have his opportunity.

Pulley is my one to watch. He is the team’s shutdown corner and best defender on the ball. Defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads has said as much. Curious to see how often teams throw at him this season and how he adjusts now that everyone knows his talent level.

Daytrieon Dean and Juan Day are elsewhere now

Props to my guy Daytrieon Dean for finding a new place to hang his hat. Juan Day, too.

I got to know Dean, the now-former Arkansas defensive lineman, when he was playing at Northside in Fort Smith. Day was in the same conference as Dean over at North Little Rock. Didn’t know him, as well, personally.

But they both have new homes, come to find out over the weekend. Coincidentally, not that far from each other.

Day, a running back, is headed to Stephen F. Austin. Dean is bound for Abilene Christian. Both schools are in the state of Texas. Both schools play in the Southland Conference.

Good luck, gents.

Yee-Haw! Today in Arkansas

I love animals and I love pets. Dogs or cats. Fish, even. Reptiles. You name it.

What I don’t love are the people who call them “fur babies” or the like. Your pet is not your child. However, you can take them to work now, too, apparently, in Arkansas.

One thing to have them in your own personal business. You know, you go into a thrift shop or flea market and the proprietor has their dog there? Yeah. Those are great. But elsewhere? Meh.

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