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Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long has people to answer to regarding Bret Bielema

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No one at SEC Country Arkansas wrote Wednesday that Arkansas should keep Bret Bielema as coach for the 2018 season.

No one at SEC Country Arkansas wrote Wednesday that Arkansas should not keep Bret Bielema as coach for the 2018 season.

Although neither thing was written, there was significant buzz around the idea that athletic director Jeff Long and the Arkansas board might keep Bret Bielema as coach for the 2018 season.

The piece tackles three issues: the length of time Bielema has really struggled (nine consecutive games), the previous winning Bielema had done, and the rash of injuries that Razorbacks have dealt with this year.

None of them are excuses. Not to fans, anyway. They just want winning, doesn’t matter what else happens. But to the people who make decisions, those things carry weight. Maybe they don’t carry enough weight to overcome the mess the 2017 season has become, but it bears thinking about.

Time for some TJ Hammonds touches

One of the three most common questions I field, and I’m betting my colleague Trent Shadid fields too, deals with Arkansas wide receiver/running back TJ Hammonds.

The Little Rock native was highly thought of before his arrival two seasons ago. He has game-changing speed and agility. But in 1 1/2 seasons, he has just 22 touches, leading to frustration among a fan base that is already fed up.

There are various reasons for the lack of touches. Hammonds didn’t quite fit when he first arrived from Robinson High. Then he didn’t have a position. Then he was hurt. So on and so forth. It’s always been something.

Now, though, with practically everything else tried, Shadid writes it’s time for Hammonds to get a real shot. Wherever that may be.

Hogs ‘D’ needs to keep Ole Miss back-up QB in check

If there was ever a winnable game for Arkansas this SEC season, it’s Saturday.

The Razorbacks are headed to Mississippi for a game against Ole Miss. Arkansas is, by the way, winless in league play. The Rebels have a lone victory.

They’re also without their best player, quarterback Shea Patterson. He’s out for the year after blowing out his knee against LSU week. Junior-college transfer Jordan Ta’amu will get his first career start against Arkansas.

The game provides a massive opportunity for the Arkansas football team to turn things around. Or, at least, the Razorbacks can salvage some personal pride. Hog Nation could really use a win, even a moral one, at this point.

Arkansas is not one of the worst 25 teams in the country

CBS Sports put the Razorbacks in their Bottom 25, but that’s more for shock value.

Arkansas is still the best team in the Sun Bet, the Mid-American Conference and would probably finish second or third in the American Athletic Conference. The Razorbacks are better than some of the dregs in other conferences, too.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel better?


  • I’ll tell you right now, if Austin Allen is healthy and starting Saturday, I’m picking the Razorbacks. If he isn’t, I’m picking the Rebels. Bielema said Wednesday that his senior quarterback could go against Ole Miss. Fingers crossed.
  • You probably have missed this one: Arkansas women’s golf is the No. 1-ranked team in the country. The Razorbacks won their third team title of the season on Tuesday, too.
  • The women’s volleyball team had a three-match SEC winning streak snapped Wednesday night against Georiga. Arkansas is now 15-7 and 5-5 in the SEC this year.
  • Shadid and I give our Ole Miss preview and take the pulse of the Arkansas football staff in this week’s “Sound Off.”
  • Class of 2018 linebacker Bumper Pool, an Arkansas commit, will play in a high-school All-American game.

Tweets and the like

Former Auburn and Ole Miss coach Tommy Tuberville, who is an Arkansas native, is a proponent of keeping Razorbacks games in Little Rock. That won’t happen, but it’s valiant.

A couple days junior-college defensive lineman Emmit Gooden re-affirmed his commitment to the Arkansas football team. Wednesday he did it again.

Condolences to Arkansas offensive coordinator Dan Enos, whose father passed away recently.


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