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Jordan Jones has the best shot at laying claim to the title of elite.

Who is next elite Arkansas wide receiver? Not good. Not great. Elite

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Found out Thursday former Arkansas wide receiver Greg Childs is going to attempt a comeback in the NFL. He was part of the insanely good wide receiver recruiting class under Houston Nutt in the late 2000s. He, Jarius Wright and Joe Adams were the pinnacle of trios at the position in Arkansas history. The Razorbacks haven’t seen anything like that since.

They might not have even seen any one receiver by himself as good as any one of those three. Cobi Hamilton comes awfully close. Keon Hatcher? Drew Morgan? Good receivers but doubtful they go down in Arkansas football history the way the “Big Three” do.

Watching Arkansas baseball ho-hum its way along against South Carolina on Thursday night, the Childs comeback had me wondering: Who is the next superstar at the position for the Razorbacks? Is he currently on the roster?

Jared Cornelius is the most experienced right now. But he’s a senior. Odds that he goes into epic territory in his fifth year of college football are slim to nil. Jonathan Nance was the team’s best receiver in 2017, but he’s a senior, too, and unlikely to reach grand heights. Deon Stewart seems a bit small. Brandon Martin a bit up and down.

The best bet of those currently rostered is Jordan Jones. He’s a big body. He has crazy speed. This year might be tough because of the depth at the position. He has a shot, though.

Really, it’s unlikely the next Childs is on the roster right now. At least, probably not among the players who saw regular time last year. If Chad Morris’ offense does what Arkansas fans hope, however, it won’t take long until those kinds of wideouts are excited to play for the Razorbacks.

New choice for impact player for Arkansas football

So, based off spring practice (which is really a whole bunch of nothing, but we in this industry like to pretend it matters), a couple players who looked like afterthoughts could have a big 2018.

Big is a relative term, of course. But Saturday, La’Michael Pettway at wide receiver and Jamario Bell at defensive end stood out. Neither was really on the radar until then.

Pettway had played a bit here and there. His 7 career catches in two seasons didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence that he will be a big part of the rotation.

Bell, on the other hand, had done absolutely nothing in his time at Arkansas. In fact, he was labeled as a bust. Still could be. Saturday suggested otherwise. He may find playing time somewhat difficult to come by with Dorian Gerald, McTelvin Agim and Randy Ramsey as guaranteed performers, but Bell showed he deserves mention in the conversation.

It’s a good first step for a guy who has not seen much field in his career.

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• Oh, that Morris. The Burt Reynolds comparisons will never disappear for me. Never.

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• You can’t say Arkansas football’s marketing plan isn’t something. Anyone else catch the irony of the thing suggesting “be one of a kind,” but it was sent to probably 50 or more recruits? Whatever, though. It’s a high-quality, eye-catching graphic.

• The crummy weather at the spring game Saturday postponed the Arkansas football celebration. It’s now this Saturday, FYI.

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