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Chad Morris has an entrance, but now he needs a theme song.

Chad Morris has brought pro rasslin’ mentality to Arkansas, and it’s fantastic

Eric Bolin

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By gawd, that’s Chad Morris’ music!

Back when Twitter first hit the mainstream, I still was a big WWE fan. I ironically used the #ItsRealToMe hashtag. Given I’m in my mid-30s, I grew up in the golden era of professional wrestling. Turns out, Morris is trying to bring his team — and the rest of Arkansas — back to the sport.

Him coming down a rope, or whatever in the world that was, at a post-National Signing Day event in Little Rock on Thursday night was vintage WWE. Straight out of the Monday Night Wars.

Now, I have no idea how much things like that really spark the interest of 17-year-olds choosing to play football somewhere. But I do know Arkansas is a pro wrestling kind of state. It went over absolutely golden here.

Not sure what the long-term goal with this is, but the intrigue is wholly … intriguing.

Diamond Hogs in it to win it

It isn’t just the media, we blowhards, who think highly of the Arkansas baseball team. The SEC preseason coaches poll was released Thursday and the Razorbacks were picked to win the West.

That’s no small feat. SEC baseball is better than SEC football. It’s better than SEC women’s basketball. Baseball is the league’s best sport, depth-wise and talent-wise, and the SEC is the best conference in college baseball.

The question is often brought up whether this Arkansas baseball team can make it to the College World Series. We have seen the answer is a resounding yes. As good as the SEC is, any team picked within the top 5 or 6 has a realistic chance to make it to Omaha.

Arkansas is no different. A week from Friday the Diamond Hogs will start on that path with a set against Bucknell at Baum Stadium.

As a reminder, SEC Country’s SEC preview will come out Monday.

Top 5 signees to play immediately

Our Trent Shadid was on lock for National Signing Day earlier this week. He gets into the meat and potatoes of recruiting as well as anyone I’ve worked with. He also has an informative piece about the nuts and bolts (I’m just trying to fit in bad metaphors at this point) of the class with grades for Morris’ first bunch.

I’m more of a top-level guy. Broad. Based off that, take these ratings for what you will. They’re mostly just hypothesis.

  1. Bumper Pool, linebacker — The best player in the whole recruiting class as far as I’m concerned. Arkansas has De’Jon Harris, a potential first-team All-SEC linebacker, and Dre Greenlaw along with Randy Ramsey, too, so playing time — loads of it — might be hard to come by. Give it time. Ramsey and Greenlaw are gone after this year and it will be Pool’s time to shine.
  2. Billy Ferrell, defensive line — The Fordyce High recruit is the latest in a long line of defensive tackles Arkansas has landed from inside the state. Bijhon Jackson (El Dorado) just left. Austin Capps (Star City) is still around. Ferrell is a hoss at 330 pounds; so much more likely to be a plugger than a playmaker, but let’s be real, that’s exactly what Arkansas needs.
  3. Rakeem Boyd, running back — It’s possible Boyd doesn’t do anything at Arkansas, what with Chase Hayden, T.J. Hammonds and Devwah Whaley all around (and the same age or younger, on top of that). But I’m a believer in Morris’ recruiting tactics. He sees something in the junior college product. I say Boyd ends up as a 1,000-yard rusher in his time with with Razorbacks.

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  • Uh-oh. Mike Anderson’s Razorbacks basketball team averages being a No. 11 seed in reputable NCAA Tournament projections as of Thursday.
  • Arkansas and Texas play baseball this year and it turns out, per WholeHogSports, the two schools are looking at extending that partnership in seasons forward.
  • The women’s basketball team is in the bottom third of the SEC, but that’s better than where it was picked. The Razorbacks pushed Top 25 Tennessee to the brink on Thursday.

Tweets and the like

• Nobody in Arkansas basketball history has had a better NBA career than Joe Johnson. He’s on the move in this late stage of his career.

• Pitchin-Development Center. Get it. Pitchin!?

• I’m not a big country music guy, but I do know who Blake Shelton is. And if this was as non-scheduled as it looks, it’s pretty cool.

• Does this kind of look like Hunter Yurachek is going down the catwalk at a fashion show to anyone else? No? Just me? Carry on.

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