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Arkansas coach Bret Bielema got some mixed grades from fans Saturday.

Fan Sound Off: Despite lopsided loss, Arkansas fans find reasons to be positive

Saturday’s first half in Tuscaloosa wasn’t pretty for the Arkansas Razorbacks. They fell behind by 24 points by halftime but kept things pretty even in a hard-fought second half, losing 41-9.

Arkansas fans weren’t happy with another loss, but this one more than any others was excusable. In fact, some fans liked what they saw from the Razorbacks against No. 1 Alabama. Here’s a look at what Arkansas fans are saying about the loss:

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Editor’s note: All comments are taken verbatim and only edited for spelling. 

Aaron Deitz: I thought we played hard and didn’t give up. We definitely left some points on the field but I see good things out of a Kelly and this young team. Just need the o-line and D-line to improve.

Courtney Davidson: proud of our guys they played hard and didn’t give up in the 4th quarter. We just need to stand behind our players.

Cody Harmon: Won the turnover margin and had more passing yards! Kelley needs foot work and play action help. But I like the tempo with the different offense style. Wonder which qb will play the rest of the year? I choose Kelley, to play for the future.

Judi Tolliver: I hate it but we need a new coach and have got to have someone who can recruit. Petrino would be welcomed back. Who cares about his personal life.

Nelson Rowell Some people can obviously never be pleased. The hogs played harder on both sides of the ball than they have all season! Kelly proved in spades that much of the offensive problems lie squarely at the feet of Allen.

Andrew Schenck: It was expected. For a coach who prides himself on his offense line play, sure haven’t seen it. We looked sloppy, unmotivated and 2 steps behind. Stop the bleeding already. Pull the plug on Bielema.

Paul Cooper: You have to care, as a coach. It has to be important, to win. It isn’t important to coach B. He doesn’t care. Arkansas means nothing to him.

Lynn Fulmer Rose: We played Bama better than most teams. I saw heart, determination and fight tonight. These were missing before.