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Arkansas running back Devwah Whaley is set to play Saturday after an altercation with a teammate this week

A fistfight between teammates is last thing Arkansas needed

Eric Bolin

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A fistfight between teammates is last thing Arkansas needed

It does not matter how it happened. It does not matter why it happened. What matters is that it happened and that it became public knowledge.

Arkansas running back Devwah Whaley was involved in a fistfight with another teammate. Contrary to internet rumor, Whaley did not suffer a broken jaw. The injury he sustained was “minor.” Bret Bielema said exactly that at his coach’s show Thursday night

Any more speculation beyond those facts is just that – speculation. That’s how you get rumors of Whaley eating through a straw. Propagation of garbage is not actual reporting.

Questions do remain, regardless. Some answers can be divined by Bielema’s words.

Whaley will play Saturday against Texas A&M in the Southwest Classic. Not only is the injury not significant enough to hamper that, but also any potential punishment for the running back or the other fighter is being kept internal and does not include missing any part of the Southwest Classic.

Far as it goes, fights happen between players. More often than the average fan might think, even. That Whaley and a teammate got into a fight isn’t a big deal most times. Those things typically stay in-house, though. And its leaking is a sign that while things may not be as dire as some early suggestions might have led to believe, things are not completely golden, either.

If they were, most of us never would have heard about this.

Arkansas wide receiver Brandon Martin is staying home

Make of that what you will.

Martin is way down the depth chart at wide receiver and isn’t making the trip to Arlington, Texas. He has been a regular in the Bielema doghouse since arriving from junior-college as a 4-star recruit. Martin is also dealing with a lingering hamstring issue.

On top of other things.

Meet the man who designed the Dallas Cowboys-inspired Arkansas uniforms

The duds the Razorbacks will sport Saturday against Texas A&M were universally lauded. They look sharp – if a little Ohio State-ish – and the logic behind their creation makes all the sense in the world.

Hayden Redd just sort of had the idea pop into his head. When the Fort Smith native heard former Arkansas great, and current Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones was entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That was back in August 2016.

After some trial and design, from individual up through creative teams, the idea has grown from seedling to execution. Redd’s spark will live forever come Saturday.

Now if only Arkansas wins Saturday…


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  • Not one of us at SEC Country Arkansas has the Razorbacks beating Texas A&M on Saturday. Well, not anymore. One did until Thursday’s revelation about Whaley and the teammate changed things. That said, it is Texas A&M. Arkansas could definitely beat that Jekyll and Hyde team.
  • Clay Henry over at WholeHogSports has his usual 10 Keys to Arkansas beating its opponent.

Tweets and the like

USA Today’s Dan Wolken won’t be getting many Bret Bielema interviews, I can’t imagine. The coach hates this nickname. But Wolken did suggest Bielema could head to Nebraska if things go further south in Lincoln.

I wish I could watch this. Would be golden.

Here is Whaley’s precise tweet from Thursday afternoon. It’s a masterpiece in public relations.

A final note. A bit personal and very important to our society.

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