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Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long has Arkansas athletics in good shape.

I’ll never understand why some people want Jeff Long out

Eric Bolin

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Arkansas sports are good.

Pretty basic sentence, huh? It’s basic and it’s true. Much as some people don’t want to see it that way, it’s factual. No #FakeNews here.

Arkansas finished the 2016-17 year worth of athletic seasons in the top 20 of the Directors’ Cup.

Now, that doesn’t mean as much as the nearly 1,000-word press release would suggest, but it is indicative of the goings on with Razorbacks athletics. They win. Plain and simple.

The Directors’ Cup tracks the success of schools’ sports across the country through the entire year. Points are given to as many as 20 different sports at an individual school. Arkansas has just 19 sports.

The Razorbacks finished 20th overall and second among schools that don’t have all 20 sports that can generate scoring. Arkansas was sixth in the SEC with that 20th-place finish. It’s also the eighth time in the last 10 years Arkansas cracked the top 25.

College sports are a business. And if college sports are winning, the better the odds that business will be good. That’s especially true at Power 5 schools.

And ultimately, that’s what matters. Perhaps it’s a chicken-or-egg scenario. Does money create winning? Or does winning create money? But either way, athletic director Jeff Long has Arkansas in the right part of the conversation.

Bret Bielema’s the best

The attitude Arkansas’ coach carries isn’t for everyone. Some faint of heart and those with delicate sensibilities are often off-put by Bret Bielema.

Bielema speaks his mind. Always has. Always will. So, the tweet he sent in response to the American Football Coaches Association was typical Bielema. And it was typical comedy.


Those who have been around Bielema, or been a fan of Arkansas and follow what he says, aren’t unfamiliar with Bielema’s appreciation for the huddle. He has come out more than a couple times against a faster pace of play. Various reasons for that.

But this was the tweet of a man having fun. Nothing more. No ill will. It was funny. Besides, Bielema’s life is about to become a lot busier when the kiddo arrives.

Yee-Haw! Today in Arkansas

Funny. I literally just finished watching Wayne’s World, in which Rob Lowe plays the “villain” and came across this:

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