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Arkansas coach Chad Morris could have Arkansas in a bowl game.

Wild success? Epic failure? In-between? Opinions vary on Chad Morris at Arkansas

Eric Bolin

Arkansas football rules the world of Razorbacks sports. So, with your bacon, have some Hogs for Breakfast and get caught up. It’s SEC Country’s weekday column and roundup on all things Arkansas … especially Arkansas football. Opinion, numbers, inane babble and more! And now with ironic exclamation points! There is no place like it on the web.

The nerve! The absolute nerve! How dare anyone speak ill of Arkansas! This is supposed to be an Arkansas fan page! Ugh. Why I never!

Those are the sorts of emails and social media replies I receive any time I write something that isn’t completely glowing about the Arkansas athletic department. Only they aren’t as 1920s-sounding and include more profanity. Usually not a ton of hateful response, but always at least one.

When it’s a so-called national media personality saying or writing something non-sycophantic? Well, it’s a bit different. A bit.

Full disclosure: I worked with Brad Edwards in the Stats and Analysis department at ESPN for almost four years. We were colleagues. Can’t say I know him-know him, but we spoke a few times in passing. Meetings and whatnot.

Anyway, he said earlier this week he isn’t convinced Chad Morris can turn the Razorbacks into a winner. He didn’t say Morris will not turn Arkansas into a winner. He didn’t say Morris will be a loser at Arkansas. Edwards just said he isn’t yet convinced Arkansas will be a winner under its new coach.

The criticism makes sense. Morris hasn’t done much of anything as a man in charge yet. He coached at Southern Methodist for three years. The Mustangs improved every season he was at the helm. Not bad. Also not dissimilar to the coach Arkansas just shed: Bret Bielema. Bielema improved the team his first four years before the wheels fell off in 2017.

Edwards suggested these things, same as I did in Breakfast a couple of weeks back. It wasn’t written then to rabble-rouse. It was written because it’s true. It was written because almost no one else around is going to actually say it.

Sorry, but, no, not sorry. Morris’ tenure could be a wild success. Could be an epic failure. Or it could be anything in-between. And it isn’t wrong to point out the non-perfect scenario.

Arkansas baseball shows out

The Diamond Hogs sent a message early Thursday morning in beating South Carolina: They are one of the best eight teams in the country.

Most people should have known that already. They’ve been ranked that high practically all season. But in recent weeks, the fear has begun to creep in that the Razorbacks might not get a top 8 seed for the NCAA Tournament. Going 0-5 in road series during SEC play will do that.

While beating South Carolina in the second round of the SEC Tournament isn’t a road game, technically, it showed Arkansas is capable of winning away from Baum Stadium. Dave Van Horn’s team needs a top 8 seed. They’ve earned it.

They beat Florida on Thursday, and it will be all sewn up.

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Tweets and the like

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