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Never again, Arkansas, should you want Bobby Petrino back.

If you want Bobby Petrino back, you don’t really love Arkansas

Eric Bolin

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Heck no. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyone who mentions to you, even jokingly, that Arkansas should go after Bobby Petrino as its next football coach, embarrass that person. Publicly. They deserve the humiliation.

Petrino is the worst thing that happened to Arkansas athletics in the last 15 years. He’s worse than John Pelphrey. Worse than John L. Smith. Worse than anything else you can come up with. Arkansas bringing back Petrino to coach the football team would be the ultimate white flag.

Now, that isn’t to say very many Arkansas fans want that. Most realize Petrino is a person of questionable moral fiber and that the football program doesn’t need that. But don’t kid yourself, either, there are real people who don’t mind overlooking the ethics to win football games.

Dari Nowkhah of SEC Network was on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly on Tuesday and talked about the insanity.

Arkansas shouldn’t hire retreads, and the university and athletic department certainly don’t need to sell their souls.

Agim’s dream

Outstanding reporting and storytelling here from colleague Trent Shadid.

He spent a couple days with McTelvin Agim and his family and friends in southwest Arkansas back in late summer/early fall. Agim came from a hard life. He bounced around. Got in trouble. Found football.

At Arkansas, Agim has developed into a nationally known star. But it’s his history and background that fascinate.

The man they call “Sosa” has come a long way and I can’t recommend this piece enough.

Arkansas wants an Arkansas man … or woman

One of the most common questions I hear from fans has to do with what the Arkansas board of trustees is doing. Do they know?

Probably. I assume so. The board is comprised of smart people. It’s also comprised of Arkansas-born and Arkansas-bred folks. Accordingly, a sentiment that pervades is that of insulation.

Make no mistake, former Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long was let go, in part, because he didn’t fit Arkansas’ values. He was a Midwesterner. Long didn’t schmooze the right people. He ignored or eliminated traditions. And he didn’t take input from the outside.

Whether these things are true or not (and for what it’s worth, I don’t think they’re true to the point of being important) is irrelevant. What is important is that people, including people in power, believed them.

So, the person who takes his place needs to have at least some of those qualities Long lacked. Or, rather, the person who takes Long’s place needs to not make those same mistakes.

For example, a person from Arkansas.


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