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Former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton led the Tigers to a memorable comeback over Alabama in 2010.

Fan Sound Off: Auburn fans share their all-time favorite Iron Bowl memories

AUBURN, Ala. — There’s nothing like the rich history of the Iron Bowl.

College football’s greatest rivalry will resume Saturday with No. 6 Auburn looking to knock off No. 1 Alabama inside Jordan-Hare Stadium (3:30 p.m. ET/2:30 p.m. CT on CBS). The stage is set for another classic between these two bitter rivals.

With an Iron Bowl like this one, Auburn fans can’t help but think back to some of the Tigers’ greatest wins over the Crimson Tide.

So, this week, the SEC Country Auburn team asked fans to send in their favorite Iron Bowl memories on Facebook. (We tried to get as many non-Kick Six ones, but some Auburn fans couldn’t help themselves.) Here is a timeline of the best ones.

Note: Comments are taken verbatim from Auburn Tigers — SEC Country and only edited for spelling.

Before it became a Bowl

Morton Archibald: 1963, quarterback Jimmy Sidle and running back Tucker Frederickson. The announcer said, “Frederickson with the ball, he’s hit at the five, he’s hit at the three, he’s hit at the one, TOUCHDOWN AUBURN! He took 7 of the 11 defenders across the goal line with him and never slowed down.

Bob Sprayberry: My favorite was the 1969 game before it was labeled the Iron Bowl. It was Pat Sullivan’s Sophomore year. We won 49-26 and Connie Frederick ran a fake punt for an 84 yd touchdown to turn the lights out at Legion Field!

The original classic

Frank Easterling: December 2, 1972, Punt Bama Punt. Greg Gantt was the Alabama punter, Bill Newton blocked them, David Langner ran them in.

Tim Stewart: Bill Newton’s two blocked punts and David Langner’s two TD’s for the win 17-16!!!! War Eagle!

Karen Jones: 1972, Punt Bama Punt, back when the iron bowl was still in Birmingham and the reason it was called the Iron Bowl …It was my first college football game. My boyfriend invited me and I will never forget that day, the crowd, it was so loud the bleachers were literally shaking. When the final seconds ticked off the clock and Auburn had won the game it felt like an earthquake! People were going crazy jumping and screaming. We looked around just in time to see one AU fan break one of the wooden bleachers from jumping up and down so much! It was AUsome. And that boyfriend, he turned out to be a keeper… been married for 43 years and counting. WDE!

Scott Kim Rhodes: I was a Boy Scout – 1972…had not chosen sides till on a camping trip that Saturday of the Punt Bama Punt game. My Bama obnoxious Scout leader got so mad when they lost, I said anything that can make him that mad, I got to have me some of it! From that day forward I’ve been a avid Tiger fan! War Eagle!!!!

Darrell Carter: There will NEVER be another game to generate the excitement I felt after the second blocked punt was returned for a touchdown.

Robin Quinn: 1972 Punt Bama Punt …. I was in the end zone where the punts were blocked and Auburn won!!!!

Kim Davis: The first game I ever attended was the Punt Bama Punt game, so that is my standard for THE BEST!!

Turning the Tide in the 1980s

Robert Staples: Let’s not forget the 1982 game that ended Bear Bryant’s career in defeat at the hands of Pat Dye, his former right hand man.

Scott Haga: I was there in 1982! It was great. Bo ‘over the top.’ I was 14 yrs old and that was my first memory of Auburn winning over AL.

David Patterson: 1982. People staying after the game hugging, some crying as Auburn and Coach Dye broke the string.

Preston Hill: BO OVER THE TOP. I was there amongst the 65% Bama crowd at the “neutral site” game.

Willie Campbell: B Jackson’s over the top play in 82, that’s the play that addicted me to the Orange & Blue.

Jay Loudin: My first Iron Bowl in 1983. SEC Champions. Legion Field. Walking out of the stadium fans chanting It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger!!

Scott Morris: 1986–the Lawyer Tillman reverse with 32 seconds left in the game, 21-17 Tigers…WDE!!

John Chestnutt: Freshman year iron bowl — lawyer Tillman reverse opposite end zone from student section in Bham! Party afterwards at somebody’s apartment was good too!

Dan Lucas: The first time the “nose draggers” came to AUBURN, 30-20..AUBURN.. ..great day to be an AUBURN MAN !!!

The all-radio Iron Bowl

Dana Dewar Butler: My senior year…1993 Iron Bowl. Undefeated and untied. Suspended from playing in a bowl game, so this WAS our bowl game. First time the game was played in Auburn after a long time, and couldn’t be televised! Students were selling their $4 tickets for $2000…no way was I selling! It was AUsome!!! WDE!!

John Maddaloni: I was on Auburn campus in ’93 for the Iron Bowl when Auburn was on probation and couldn’t be televised, trying to buy tickets from a scalper when some students on campus tapped into the phone lines where they were sending the game to the stadium big screen in Birmingham and somehow made it broadcast on the tvs on campus. I didn’t get into the game, but I was one of the few who got to watch it on tv.

Patrick Lami Jr.: 1993, Patrick Nix to Frank Sanders over Antonio Langham!

Later that decade

Jack Leib: I have two: first is the 1995 Iron Bowl, I was a student and got my brother the Alabama fan a ticket to go with me. Second is the 1997 Iron Bowl, Bama fumbles the ball on a flare route to the RB. Auburn scores the game winner to go to the SEC Championship.

Shane Jackson: Jaret Holmes game winning field goal in the 97 iron bowl.

Sean Naylor: Everybody forgets about ’97…

First time in Tuscaloosa

Todd Holyoak: 2000- first game in Tuscalooser since 1901. Took 3 field goals to walk out with a 9-0 win. Great day for Auburn football. WAR EAGLE!!!!

Laura Allen: The first year we played in Tuscaloosa. It rained, sleeted and snowed during the game. Good thing we won after all that!

Peyton McDaniel: Auburn shut out bama 9-0 Tuscaloosa 2000. 3 field goals in whole game. That was it. Freezing cold rain.

Staying in the 2000s …

Matthew D. Reid: 2003, when Cadillac ran it all the way on the first play.

Matt Moor: The 2004 game was extremely special to me…I was in the hospital in ICU fighting for my life and that win gave me the best medicine ever.

Justin Autrey: Although the kick 6 is obviously my favorite game, my favorite memory was my very first Iron Bowl in 2005 when we sacked Brodie 11 times. The stadium was rocking and I lost my voice. Very fun and I’ll never forget it. I’ll be attending my 4th Iron Bowl this weekend and I’m hoping for an even better one!

Lawrence Robinson: Watching Stanley McClover terrorize Brodie Croyle.

Rowdy Wade: 3rd string tailback Tre Smith going off on the number 1 defense in the nation…

The Camback

Steven Elton: Huge deficit in 2010 at the half and coming back to stun the Tide in the second half!

Alonzo Carter: The Camback! Coming back from a 20 plus deficit was epic.


David Neese:  My favorite is every one that we have won that I am old enough to remember. There is nothing like it and some of them have been pure magical. If I just had to nail it down to one it would have to be the Cam back. It still has the gumps butt hurt.

Whit Patterson: Antoine Carter punching that ball out….biggest play in that game. Auburn 28-27.

Tammy Nicholson: Our comeback in 2010, that’s stuff that legends are made of.

And, of course, the Kick Six

Brandon Edmondson: 0:01.

Sherry Grimes: The 1 second touchdown.

Jackie Cooper: The Kick 6 will never get old.

Megan Cook: 2013! Loved watching it with my father-in-law who is an AWFUL Bama fan!! And rubbing it in afterwards!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

Wayne Morris: 100+ yard return of missed Alabama field goal by Davis

Kenneth Konyndyk: Greatest game ever when nick Saban crying over 1 second gave AUBURN a great win.

Paul Haynes:  I will tell you in a second….pun intended.

Barbara Sharpe: Got a second? Sorry, I couldn’t help it!