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Auburn fans are calling for Gus Malzahn's job after the Tigers' 27-23 loss to LSU.

Fan Sound Off: Auburn faithful calling for Gus Malzahn’s job after Tigers blow 20-point lead to LSU

Auburn football’s hopes of ascending further in the AP Top 25 fell short in Week 7 with a 27-23 loss to LSU on Saturday in Baton Rouge.

The road Tigers coughed up a 20-0 lead and failed to score in the second half to drop to 5-2 (3-1 SEC).

Kerryon Johnson and Will Hastings each found the end zone for Auburn, but it wasn’t enough to overcome LSU.

After the game, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn was the choice target for Tigers fans.

Check out what Auburn fans are saying about the performance and join the conversation here.

Note: Comments are taken verbatim from Auburn Tigers — SEC Country and only edited for spelling.

Patrick O’Keefe: Gus Malzahn and Chip Lindsey MUST be fired immediately after the Iron Bowl. Play calling is ridiculous. Rest of the season Will be difficult. A new head coach and a real offensive coordinator is badly needed at Auburn.

Phil Byrd: Worse play selection I have ever seen. Running the ball down their throats and you throw 30 yards down the field. Ever heard of play-action passing. Punt return for TD. Miss you Coach Fountain!

Evan Bairefield: Why in the [heck] Gus didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 blows my freaking mind!!!!!!! All the times Gus has went for it on fourth and NOW YOU DECIDE TO PLAY CONSERVATIVE??????

Becky Borden Huddleston: If we don’t get rid of Malzahn, and soon, we are destined for a so-so season and nothing to be proud of. I’m ashamed. Completely ashamed.

Jason Gordon: This was pathetic. Looked like they were playing a scrimmage the first quarter. Then took the rest of the game off.

Rusty Keyser: Gus cannot win the big game. Never will, but we going to stick with him the rest of the year and finish 8 and 4.

Kris Sullivan: Play calling was horrible. Enough said.

Brad Willoughby: Fire Gus, please.

Ryan Warner: Completely disappointed.

Joshua Smith: Dump Gus…. Call Tuberville back!

Mark Stokes: Sick of Gus. Why go conservative? Coaching lost this game.

Gail Fowler Doss: There are no words. Congratulations to LSU on the win. I feel for our players but I am questioning some of the play calls.

Andrea Mercer Roberts: We had a chance to move up in the polls. Another losing year. Thanks Gus. If we could play all 4 quarters like we play the 1st….but no we can’t because we have a high school coach.

Rich McMahon: Either they were overly confident from the first half, or they made a decision to suck really bad in the second half. LSU outplayed them in EVERY aspect in the second half.

Jake Sherrod: FIRE HIM RIGHT NOW … Kevin Steele named interim and worry about the rest later … season is over.