Fan Sound Off: Auburn fans sound ready for Gus Malzahn to be gone

Well, Auburn fans are not happy after the Tigers lost to No. 3 Clemson, 14-6, on Saturday night in Clemson, S.C. They are just fine with the defense, but the offense and QB Jarrett Stidham have them upset. And Gus Malzahn? The Auburn coach might want to stay away from the internet Sunday.

Here’s what Auburn fans are saying after the loss. Join the conversation here.

Editor’s note: All comments taken verbatim from Auburn Tigers – SEC Country — and only edited for spelling.

Salamen Butler: Defense was great but our offense is horrible all the way around. Our line can’t block,our qb has horrible decision making, and our coaches can’t call plays worth a crap.

Ryan Thomas: Gus has to go. Same thing as last years making field goals in the red zone and running the same play up the middle

Richard Fairbank: For those criticizing Stidham you don’t know football. The offensive line got manhandled all night and Jarrett was running for his life. The Clemson defensive line was totally dominating and controlled the entire game. Our defense is the real deal. This is an eight win team at best.

Jeff Richbourg: Stidham was unprepared. No running outside the tackles. No crossing patterns, no tight end and no slants. BYE GUS and take your bus with you we don’t want to ride anymore.

Drew Cartee: Stidham isn’t the problem. Receivers can’t get open. O-line can’t block. Who’s he supposed to throw the ball to? Clemson? The problem is Gus. If you don’t see that by now, then you haven’t been watching this offense the past three years.

Dave McCombs: Just like last year. Excellent defense but the offense is mediocre at best, which is okay if you’re playing cupcakes but against SEC-caliber defenses this isn’t going to fly. They have figured Gus’ offense out and this ought to be his last year.

Janet Atkins Denham: Gus knows one play run up the middle and get stopped. Then we do it again bad bad. Gus might as well be getting ready for a new home.

Chris Jerkins: Gus has failed not only the boys on that team, but the other coaches that stuck it out with him, and the fans who put our unrelenting faith in him to produce something North of mediocrity. You sir have failed.

Rowdy Wade: Out-coached. Period. Played a hobbled running back that couldn’t break a decent run if it was wide open the entire game. Same old Gus offense, same results. Insanity.

Bob Turk: I can’t believe I fell for all the Jarrett Stidham hype and we are no better at QB than last several years. Something has to change !!!