Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
The Gators will release their new uniforms during their media day on Wednesday.

LOOK: Gators to provide early glance at new Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform

Florida will be showing off new uniforms during the team’s media day on Wednesday, as the school will be one of only a few to don the Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform this season.

As far as the aesthetics, Nike only made a few subtle changes to the Nike Chainmaille line of uniform the team wore since 2013.

One of them is flipping the positions of the Nike swoosh and Gator logo on the upper chest. Another is putting a Gator logo (bigger than the one on the chest) in front standing alone on the thigh as opposed to on top of the side stripes.

There’s also a small change to the SEC logo on the collar, but that’s barely noticeable.

Here’s a look at the slightly altered uniforms.

However, there are more significant changes to the design. Some of the key elements are found in the performance-enhancement and comfort of the Vapor Untouchable design, as explained by Nike:

“The 100 percent stretch-woven uniform weighs only 20.4 ounces (nearly four ounces lighter than current Nike Football uniforms) and repels water to maintain its light weight in wet conditions. Moreover, the garment wraps across the body to the back, where every piece of the jersey converges. The uniform also replaces mesh with a laser-perforated, stretch-woven material in key sweat zones (the stomach, lower back and behind the knee) to help support thermo-regulation through optimal ventilation. Additional design enhancements include: a vented neck grille for improved breathability and durability, a back stretch gusset for a better fit and strategic design elements to reduce moisture marks on the stomach and back.”