Chris Kirschner/SEC Country
Former Florida coach Steve Spurrier delivered another zinger on Wednesday.

Steve Spurrier delivers zinger at LSU’s expense at Louisiana speaking engagement

Nick Cole

He may be 72, but Steve Spurrier is still the king of zing.

The Head Ball Coach was in Shreveport, La., on Wednesday to speak at the Independence Bowl’s Kickoff Luncheon. He came prepared.

According to a report from Roy Lang of the Shreveport Times, Spurrier delivered the perfect zinger against LSU while discussing the importance of recruiting good players in order to win football games.

“You can have good ballplayers and still not win football games — all you LSU fans know about that.”

The implication, of course, is that LSU has turned in some of the nation’s top recruiting classes in recent years only to fall short against Alabama in the SEC West. After all, Les Miles did not lose his job because of poor recruiting. It was because he didn’t win enough big games with elite recruits.

The zinger, which was delivered in front of presumably a pro-LSU crowd, is just the latest jab between the Tigers and Spurrier’s alma mater, Florida.

The drama between the cross-division rivals, of course, stems from a decision to postpone and ultimately move last season’s football game between Florida and LSU as a result of concerns from Hurricane Matthew.

We’ll patiently await Ed Orgeron’s rebuttal to the Head Ball Coach’s comments, assuming he dares enter a steel cage match with the heavyweight champion of zingers.