Meet Samantha: Georgia’s Hooters Girl of SEC Country


We are proud to introduce Samantha Medina, Georgia’s Hooters Girl of SEC Country!

Samantha Medina – Hooters of Douglasville – Georgia

This Georgia native has been a Bulldog since birth! She’s loyal to a fault and will always stick by UGA win or lose. She loves watching with her family and friends – and never misses a game! On her off time, you can find Samantha relaxing by a pool with her dog, Odin. Don’t miss her debut in the 2018 Hooters Calendar!

To get to know Samantha, we asked her some questions:

What is your favorite college football team and why?

I love UGA partially because I’ve grown up in a Dawgs-loving family (my brother goes to almost every single game), partially because of the commitment to the team even when we don’t play our best. We have super loyal fans. I also love Athens on game day and the positive, lively atmosphere of the whole town!

Who is your favorite college player?

Our alumni, Aaron Murray!

Who do you feel is your biggest rival team?

It’s hard to pick just one. Let’s go with Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech.

What do you love most about college football?

I love the passion each fan shows for their team and how much the towns surrounding the colleges come together on game day!

Does your team have a tradition? Do you take part?

Calling the dawgs, tailgating, and “between the hedges” are some of the most prized traditions as a dawgs fan and I can proudly say I’ve taken part in these.

What is your favorite menu item at Hooters?

Buffalo chicken dip and naked wings.

What is your favorite wing sauce?

Chipotle honey, its sweet and spicy, and oh so good!

How long have you worked for Hooters?

I’ve worked for Hooters for almost three years.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I spend time with friends at the pool and with my Great Dane, Odin. 

Who do you usually watch the game with?

I usually am working on game days, but I’ve grown to love each of the Hooties I work with and our awesome guests, so I wouldn’t want to spend the day any other way!


Have you been featured before/will you be featured in the Hooters Calendar?

I’m featured in the 2018 calendar. EEEK!

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