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Kentucky's Garrett Johnson's offensive production wasn't enough Saturday night to end Kentucky's long losing streak to Florida.

Fan Sound Off: Kentucky fans’ frustration grows with 31st straight loss to Florida

The Kentucky Wildcats were less than one quarter from snapping the skid that lasted three decades, but Florida rallied and stunned the crowd in Lexington with a 28-27 victory on Saturday night. The win extended Florida’s win streak in the series to 31 consecutive games.

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Editor’s note: All comments are taken verbatim and only edited for spelling. 

Lisa Pierson Emanuel: Devastated! I live in Florida, but bleed Kentucky Blue! Sick to death of condescending Florida fans. Wanted this to be a win more than ever before.

Michael Cloyd: Terrible coaching. Leave wide outs wide open. No wonder everyone says well it’s almost basketball season

Joseph Skimehorn: We have some pathetic Kentucky fans you’re not even Real fans talking about firing people get real this team is way better than they were last year

Jim Emberton: Two TD’s that should never have happened. Can’t believe the coaches, let it happen once, let alone twice in one game. Pathetic. I’m old but I seen that coming.

Darrin Reddick: It’s one loss! Yeah it’s the one loss we didn’t want but it’s still just one. Keep grinding. Blue till I die win or lose!!

Doris Hundley: I guess I will never see UK win this rivalry in my lifetime. They always find new and unique ways to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

Robbie Joe Reeves: Hold up is this #BBN? C’mon folks these kids deserve respect for what they did accomplish. Great effort on both sides of the field.#GETREADYFORNEXT #GOBIGBLUE

Tim Pike: Rarely have I seen a receiver left uncovered completely in a game, much less TWICE in a game… both resulted in touchdowns… then have a guy hold on a run that got Kentucky into easy field goal range with :06 left.., Kentucky beat Kentucky …. 31 in a row that shouldn’t have been

Marijon Chandler Lococo: Come on people, the guys are our Wildcats. I’m just as aggravated as you, but if your a Wildcat you’re a Wildcat win or lose.

Robert Henrick: We lost the game in the third quarter. Went ridiculously conservative with 6 minutes left in the 3rd. We didn’t play to win we played to not lose and that will always guarantee a LOSS.

Steve Morgan: All on Stoops tonight! Errors coming out of timeouts. Letting them walk in on two touchdowns is ridiculous. I have had enough of Stoops’ antics.