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LSU defensive end Arden Key already has Florida circled on his calendar.

Bayou Bengal Briefing: It seems LSU-Florida can’t get here soon enough

Welcome to the Bayou Bengal Briefing, SEC Country’s daily morning column covering LSU football with beat writer Alex Hickey. Today we get you ready for the next shot at Florida, this time on the gridiron.

LSU football: One prominent Tiger is ready for Florida

In Monday’s briefing, we mentioned that LSU-Florida has become the best rivalry in the SEC outside of the ancient beef between Auburn and Alabama. The outcome of the College World Series only seems to have further proven that theory.

Defensive end Arden Key is already raring to go after the Gators. After Florida topped LSU for the baseball national championship, Key took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

One Florida fan cleverly replied with a split-shot of Derrius Guice getting stopped at the goal line and Kramer Robertson getting tagged out at home — although it might not feel so clever if that response ultimately pokes the bear.

LSU fans usually have the Alabama game circled on their calendars. But for the players, it looks like Oct. 7 in Gainesville is going to be a premium date. And that’s as it should be. It’s actually pretty refreshing to see that LSU athletes care enough about their fellow athletes that a result in another sport is enough to raise their ire.

LSU baseball was very popular everywhere

The LSU baseball team got home from Omaha, Neb., to a warm welcome Wednesday afternoon. But it’s not just Baton Rouge where the Tigers are popular.

Game 2 of the CWS championship series drew extraordinary TV ratings in New Orleans. ESPN indicated the game had a 20.1 rating — higher than any college football game in the market in 2016 outside of the Ole Miss-LSU game.

Making that number all the more impressive was the number of fans who probably weren’t home in New Orleans to watch on TV. The World Series itself set an all-time attendance record as a total of 357,646 fans showed up to the 16 games at TD Ameritrade Park. That mark was more than 4,000 more than the previous high. Had the championship series gone the distance, the old record would have been blown out of the water.

Former LSU guard Tim Quarterman traded

Former LSU basketball player Tim Quarterman has a new home. Quarterman, who made the Portland Trail Blazers as an undrafted rookie last year, was dealt to the Houston Rockets for cash considerations.

The Blazers seemed to have more fun with the situation than Quarterman did.

Quarterman will at least be part of an interesting situation in Houston, though. The Rockets made a far bigger splash Wednesday by landing point guard Chris Paul from the Clippers. Plus he adds to LSU’s ever-expanding Houston alumni base.

3 LSU basketball players get arrested

It’s not exactly “news” because it happened on June 16. But it appeared in the police blotter for the first time Wednesday, so that’s when everyone picked up on the fact that three LSU basketball players were arrested for firing paintballs at unsuspecting passerby.

The players are sophomore Wayde Sims and incoming freshmen Galen Alexander and Mayan Kiir. Most college students pull at least one dumb prank in their time at school, and many get caught. It’s not as if this is the crime of the century, and as such coach Will Wade will be punishing them internally — aka, a lot of running.

But just a thought for the fellas going forward — remember, it’s pretty easy to pick out 6-foot-6 people to campus police. Choose your pranks wisely.

Today in made-up holidays

According to the National Day Calendar, the last Thursday of June is National Handshake Day.

To observe this holiday, “shake the hand of at least one person that you would not have on any other day. You may just want to wish them a good day while doing so. Use #NationalHandshakeDay on social media.”

Want to learn some sweet handshakes? Check out this GQ guide to cool sports handshakes. For real.

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