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LSU's run in the College World Series came to an end Tuesday.

Bayou Bengal Briefing: It’s a tough day to be a Tiger, but you’ll be OK

Welcome to the Bayou Bengal Briefing, SEC Country’s daily morning column covering LSU football with beat writer Alex Hickey. We know you’re not in the mood, but we looked high and low for things that will put a grin on your face.

Bayou Bengal Briefing: It might take awhile to smile

The sting of this one will not subside for some time.

It’s not just the fact that LSU’s thrill ride of a 2017 baseball season is over, though that by itself would be enough to mourn. There is a tinge of sadness at the end of any baseball season.

But this one stings even more than most because the Tigers came so darn close. Out of 294 teams in Division I, LSU was one of the final two remaining. The six previous times the Tigers were in that position, they came through. A championship loss is foreign territory for LSU baseball fans, who can now relate to the stomach-drop Miami fans felt that day Warren Morris circled the bases.

But it’s also not just that.

There’s that call that didn’t go Josh Smith’s way in Game 1. Maybe everything changes if he’s correctly ruled safe with a double.

And then there’s the agonizing interference call against Jake Slaughter on what would have been a game-tying double play. It was the correct call — a runner can’t advance on interference, even if he was going to score regardless of that play. Blame the rule book, not the umpire. Or Slaughter for not simply sliding into the bag like he’s supposed to.

Then there was the second time the game looked to be tied, only for Kramer Robertson to be thrown out in a bang-bang play at home in the eighth.

And of course all of this had to happen against those stinkin’ Gators. Of all the schools you could think of, it just had to be Florida.

That said, the sun is still scheduled to come up today. So we’ll do our best to make you crack a smile.

Mikie Mathook will make you smile

The defensive play of the day in Major League Baseball belonged to a former (and current) Tiger.

Mikie Mahtook, who played at LSU from 2009-11, is currently patrolling center field for the Detroit Tigers. Detroit’s Comerica Park is one of the most spacious centerfields in all of baseball, so Mathook’s grab against  the wall is nothing short of extraordinary.

Click here to see it, since MLB is not fond of embedded videos.

Dr. Jerry Poché will make you smile

One Florida fan has Jared Poché’s father to thank for still being around to see the Gators win the national championship.

As you probably saw Tuesday, during Game 1 on Monday night Dr. Jerry Poché noticed an elderly Florida fan who collapsed in the stands. He performed CPR on the man along with Jimmy Roy, the father of LSU strength and conditioning coach Travis Roy.

Who says LSU and Florida fans can’t get along?

Dr. Poché told his story a few hours before Game 2:

LSU football recruiting will make you smile

As we mentioned Monday, it was a good weekend for LSU football recruiting with three players committing.

Our Sam Spiegelman caught up with running back AJ Carter and tight end

  • AJ Carter: The running back flipped from UCLA after Ed Orgeron literally handed him the key to Tiger Stadium. A smooth move by Coach O, though given the number of break-ins at Tiger Stadium in the last year he may want to keep that key close to the vest.
  • Tony Sheffer: The tight end is a big fan of the versatility Matt Canada will bring to the LSU offense and his position.

Smile, at least you’re not this LSU fan

If you are this LSU fan, my sincerest apologies. I can get you a ball.

Today in made-up holidays

It might not feel like one today, but every day is a holiday. Most of them just happen to be arbitrarily made up.

According to the National Day Calendar, June 28 is National Paul Bunyan Day. Bunyan was the original Chuck Norris: a bearded guy who people attributed a bunch of ridiculous feats to.


“The Paul Bunyan legend tells that it took five storks to carry him as a newborn and as he was a little older and clapped and laughed, it broke windows.

“The legend continues that he sawed off the legs of his parents’ bed, in the middle of the night, when he was only seven months old and that the Grand Canyon was formed as he and Babe the Blue Ox walked through dragging his axe behind him. The myth of the Great Lakes being formed by Bunyan needing to create a watering hole for Babe to drink from is another popular one told by many.”

To celebrate, read this list of Paul Bunyan statues. And if you’re in the middle of northern nowhere, visit one.

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