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LSU football coach Ed Orgeron's job may be in jeopardy after the loss to Mississippi State on Saturday.

Fan Sound Off: Ed Orgeron’s job in jeopardy after loss to Mississippi State, if you ask the critics

The calls for Ed Orgeron’s job have officially begun after Mississippi State (3-0) upset then-No. 12 LSU 37-7 on Saturday night in Starkville.

The Tigers underwhelmed as Nick Fitzgerald, Aeris Williams and the Bulldogs dismantled Orgeron’s squad (2-1).

LSU managed 133 yards on the ground and not many more through the air (137).

As a result, the Baton Rouge faithful already have seen enough of Orgeron.

Check out what LSU fans are saying about the performance and join the conversation here.

Note: Comments are taken verbatim from LSU Tigers — SEC Country and only edited for spelling.

Wayne Waguespack Sr.: LSU, offense. Didn’t see any. Defense. Didn’t see any, Coaching, didn’t see any. Passion, didn’t see any. I did see an undisciplined team simply get their ass kicked. Embarrassing to say the least.

Andrew Richardson: After coach O took over last year, he had those kids playing with heart. That’s not how they played today. Stupid penalties and a lack of discipline on both sides of the ball. Hopefully they can only go up from here or it’s gonna be a long season.

George Goggans: I‘ll wager that Orgeron won’t have an over .700 SEC winning percentage nor will he win a national title. Doubt he’ll win an SEC West title. Just saying. I think Arkansas was dumb for letting go of Nutt, Tennessee for letting go of Fulmer, Georgia for letting go of Richt, and LSU for letting go of Miles. SMH. They’re all solid, proven coaches. The SEC is just tough. They need to be praised and kept for going 8-3 in the SEC — not shunned and replaced. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. Roll tide.

Jim Sullivan: Hats off to state, they beat us every way possible. I know we are young, but all these mistakes came from all. Out coached and out played. We can turn it around with lots of work, a whole lot of work.

Brenda Hilgerson: The penalties…OMG!!! No reason for that. Very disappointed in their play tonight. This might be a long season.

Joseph Barr Jr.: Absolutely the worst performance by an LSU team since Jerry Stovall was coach and they looked like Curley Hallman was coaching them

Trey McGuffee: Everyone needs to settle down. Coach O is the coach and we have two easy games to get this figured out!!!

Susan Stewart Bohall: Dropped passes-no offense or defense!! It looks like msu’s assistant from Louisville earned his $$ tonight!!
Out coached out played -it looked like lsu bet on msu to win!! Come on tigers-it will be a very long season if we can’t get it .

Clayton Cobb: The stat sheet should be everything they need to find to wake up and realize they can’t play undisciplined football in the SEC and expect to win. 291 penalty yards in 3 games! 2 players ejected tonight. How they’ve gone 3 weeks without a turnover is beyond me. Yeah there’s been plenty of injuries but the expectations are the same for the first string all the way down to the practice squad. People were down on LSU for going with O as the coach. He beat really good teams without Leonard in the lineup. They have 2 of the best assistants in the game. Even Mississippi St. doesn’t think they are 30 points better than LSU. Just an inexcusable loss bc of undisciplined football. All that being said, Geaux Tigers.