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The LSU baseball team will head to Corvallis, Ore., to face off against Oregon State, San Diego State and Northwestern State this weekend.

Who cares if it’s hard, because LSU-Oregon State rematch would be awesome

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Nobody said it was easy

The LSU baseball team earned a bid to the Corvallis Regional on Monday, setting up a potential 2017 College World Series rematch against Oregon State on the Beavers’ home turf. LSU eliminated the then-No. 1 Beavers from Omaha last year by winning back-to-back elimination games, ending what felt like Oregon State’s inevitable run toward history.

Naturally, ranking as the No. 2 seed in a regional where the top seed has lost 16 games in two seasons isn’t a favorable bid. But it makes sense given LSU’s resume. The Tigers won enough games in the SEC Tournament last week to earn a second seed, but just barely, meaning the Tigers were destined to match up with a national seed.

And since that left Corvallis, Palo Alto, Tallahassee and Chapel Hill as the only possible destinations, LSU ended up with the short straw and earned a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Is it going to be tough? You’re darn tootin’ it’ll be tough. Oregon State has gone 53-6 at home over the last two years, including a Corvallis Super Regional sweep over Vanderbilt last season. But this draw might allow for the most fun possible for LSU. Obviously there’s the intrigue of Oregon State seeking revenge after LSU beat the Beavers 3-1 and 6-1 on back-to-back days to end their CWS bid. But there’s also the added logistical hurdles.

Simply getting to Corvallis won’t be easy. A flight from Baton Rouge to Portland, Ore., is likely going to last around 4½ hours in the air. Adjusting to the time changes will also make a difference. And that’s not to mention getting healthy and rested after playing six games in six days last week.

Finally, there’s the challenge aspect. If you’re going to win the College World Series, you have to beat the best teams in the country. LSU proved last week by beating Florida and Arkansas that it’s capable of doing so. But going to Corvallis and facing the Beavers is the biggest test possible.

Why not get that out of the way and prove to yourself and the nation that you can beat anyone?

If you win the Corvallis Regional, there aren’t many things you can’t win. That has to be LSU’s attitude this week.


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