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Offensive coordinator Matt Canada is on the way out at LSU.

When will LSU’s divorce from Matt Canada reach its resolution?

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Thursday, Jan. 4

Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda may be back in the fold, but LSU can’t begin preparing for the 2018 season just yet.

There is still the matter of dumping offensive coordinator Matt Canada. It’s been known that Canada is on the way out since the week before the Citrus Bowl, but we’ve continued to wait for the other shoe to drop. Unsurprisingly, the question of when this news will break is on people’s minds.

The answer: soon.

As first reported by The Advocate’s Ross Dellenger, the negotiations are underway between LSU and Canada’s agent as the sides attempt to reach an agreement over ending his contract. It is expected to be done by the end of the upcoming weekend.

Prior to the bowl game, Canada expressed a desire to return to LSU. That means that LSU technically has to fire him to be rid of him, which puts the program on the hook for a total of $3.3 million that remains on his contract.

However, LSU won’t end up having to pay the full tab — just the difference between this contract and his next salary.

Fortunately for LSU, it may not take long for Canada to find that job.

Effective Tuesday, all Division I teams are able to add a 10th assistant coach. So even though there are no offensive coordinator openings outside of the one that is about to come up at LSU, Canada likely will jump on board somewhere even if it is in a slightly lesser role. If a school names him co-offensive coordinator — as Ohio State is about to do with departing Washington State defensive coordinator Alex Grinch — then chances are LSU won’t foot as much of a bill.

The Matt Canada era at LSU can only be classified as a disappointment. None of the potential of his hire was realized. Whether that’s the fault of his scheme or him being shackled is up for debate, but soon it won’t matter. The Tigers are moving on to their next coordinator — and whom it will be is another question for another day.

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