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LSU football will have the national spotlight in its 2018 season opener against Miami at AT&T Stadium in Texas.

Why the 2018 LSU football season kicks off on a Sunday night

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Thursday, May 17

Earlier this week, the 2018 LSU football season got its official starting time. LSU’s season opener against Miami kicks off on Sunday, Sept. 2, at 6:30 p.m. CT from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

In short, let’s go to Nelly for an answer:

Or if you prefer obscure tracks badly warbled by Pro Bowl cornerbacks, Deion Sanders:

The college football season begins a week before the NFL season. And once fans have gotten that first taste, they want more. That’s why for the past decade or so it has been common to see college games on Sunday and even Monday nights in the week before the NFL season kicks off. The networks know that you’re going to watch regardless of the teams that are playing.

Nevertheless, the networks want to maximize that audience by finding the most attractive matchups — essentially, the same principle that was used by bowl games before they were burdened by exclusive conference tie-ins.

In Week 1, LSU-Miami looms as one of the most attractive matchups in the college football landscape. For starters, there’s a fun, built-in storyline going in as Ed Orgeron prepares to face the school where his career first took off (and first flamed out). But regardless of who the coaches are, the Tigers and Hurricanes present an attractive matchup because they are brand names with national appeal.

Above all, it’s a great opportunity for LSU.

Being on ABC, there is a conduit for a much larger audience than ESPN provides. And it’s not as if there are going to be other games for anyone to flip to. For a program looking to alter the narratives about shaky quarterback play and its uncertain direction under Orgeron, the stage presents a tremendous opportunity to change the conversation. Or, from the glass-half-empty perspective, have it amplified to an all-time high.

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