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LSU football coach Ed Orgeron believes he has a championship quarterback already on the roster.

Bayou Bengal Briefing: Ed Orgeron’s comments and the future of LSU’s offense

Nick Suss

Welcome to the Bayou Bengal Briefing, SEC Country’s daily morning column covering LSU football with beat writer Nick Suss. Today we discuss what Ed Orgeron said on ESPN about LSU’s offense on Wednesday, break down the lighter side of 12 hours of television, spoonfeed you more Arden Key news and more. Enjoy!

Offensively speaking

LSU football coach Ed Orgeron spent 12 hours on ESPN Wednesday, generating headlines aplenty for news sites such as this one. Most of it was nonsense (more on that later), but he did reveal a couple of nuggets about his offensive philosophy that are worth diving into.

For one, Orgeron reiterated his claim from last fall that he prefers a spread offense. Orgeron doesn’t want the Tigers to be three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust like they’ve been for the last decade-plus. He wants motions and whizzes and whirrs and all of the bells and whistles that come with new offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Which naturally leads us to quarterbacks. Spread offenses normally come with a spread quarterback. But Orgeron remains confident in traditional passer Danny Etling, bluntly saying “I think Danny is a good quarterback.” Beyond that, Orgeron said he believes either Lowell Narcisse or Myles Brennan will bring LSU a championship, presumably a few years down the line in an Orgeron-Canada spread offense.

High hopes.

The nation marvels at Ed Orgeron

Of course, Orgeron can’t spend 12 hours on television without telling a couple of silly, preposterous tales. In case you didn’t have 12 hours to kill Wednesday, here are a few headlines you might have missed.

Your daily Arden Key update

If it seems like we have a note about Arden Key in every Bayou Bengal Briefing, it’s because we pretty much do.

Wednesday, Key spoke to a group of youth football players in Denham Springs, tweeting pictures from the event. If you want to read too far into the picture, the defensive end he isn’t wearing a brace or a splint on his shoulder or arm. If anything, he looks as big as he ever has.

And that’s just about all that I can extrapolate from a picture with a bunch of children. But if you’re so inclined, click on the link and look for yourself.

Hey look, it’s Les Miles

If you’re sick of seeing Les Miles’ face, too bad.

Miles told Jacques Doucet of WAFB Baton Rouge that he plans on doing TV work for multiple stations this fall. The former LSU coach didn’t say which ones, but it can be assumed he’s preserved his relationship with ESPN after helping out doing studio work on National Signing Day.

Miles has said on many occasions that his ultimate goal is to rejoin the coaching ranks. But if he needs to pull an Urban Meyer and do TV for a year to achieve that, so be it.

When Les Miles is on television, everybody wins.

In LSU baseball news

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri spoke for an hour Wednesday, giving health updates and introducing the new players on the 2018 team. To catch up with all the stories I wrote about this topic, click here.

To save you a little time, though, here’s a list of all the newcomers whose names you’ll have to learn:

  • No. 2 OF Daniel Cabrera
  • No. 3 IF Hal Hughes
  • No. 7 C Hunter Feduccia
  • No. 11 C Mason Doolittle
  • No. 14 OF Nick Webre
  • No. 16 INF Brandt Broussard
  • No. 20 C Braden Doughty
  • No. 21 RHP/DH Nick Storz
  • No. 26 RHP AJ Labas
  • No. 28 RHP Devin Fontenot
  • No. 30 RHP Trent Vietmeier
  • No. 32 LHP Taylor Petersen
  • No. 35 RHP Clay Moffitt
  • No. 40 LHP John Kodros
  • No. 44 RHP Matt Schroer
  • No. 46 RHP Ma’Khail Hilliard
  • No. 47 LHP Brandon Nowak
  • No. 49 RHP Cameron Sanders

Checking in with the ‘croots

Did you know SEC Country’s Sam Spiegelman runs an LSU mailbag every Wednesday? Well, you do now.

You can find his most recent mailbag on James Cook and priority recruits by clicking here. And you can submit questions to Spiegelman any time on his Twitter account @samspiegs.

Today in made-up holidays

According to the folks at, Thursday is “National Get to Know Your Customers Day.” So if you work in a field where you have customers, make some new friends today.

As someone who writes on a free website for a living, I can’t really celebrate this personally. If you’re in the same boat as me, you can follow my lead and observe by honoring business owners who go out of their way to talk to their customers. Like this one.

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