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LSU defensive end Rashard Lawrence (aka Uncle Phil) made his way onto the Weight Lifter of the Day board on Monday.

LSU football starts offseason training regimen in special way

Nick Suss

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The competition is on

Just when football news starts to seem further and further away, the LSU strength and conditioning program shows up to draw you back in.

Using the caption “Day 1 Week 1,” the LSU strength and conditioning program posted its first edition of the “Weight Lifter of the Day,” an offseason tradition Tommy Moffitt kicked off last year to pit position groups against one another and show the world some of the best nicknames in college sports. The first edition on Monday came with a ton of familiar names, one perhaps more so than any others.

Let’s break it down:

  • In an offseason that’ll be headlined by position battles, it’s good to see Stephen Sullivan, Ray Thornton and Lloyd Cushenberry get off to strong starts. And Jack Gonsoulin for that matter, though that battle probably won’t be decided in the weight room.
  • Let’s just start the Rashard Lawrence (Uncle Phil) countdown now. This is one. And will not be the last.
  • Tre’Davious White should contend for NFL Rookie of the Year this season. There’s no reason he needs to work as hard as he does. Yet, he does. Darn impressive from the alum.

In transfer news

Former LSU quarterback Lindsey Scott Jr. picked his transfer destination on Monday, choosing a home in the SEC East instead of a return to Louisiana.

Scott picked Missouri over Tulane, citing a similarity of vision between he and the coaches and a willingness to accept the challenges ahead of him. Scott transferred away from LSU last fall in favor of East Mississippi Community College, starring for the former “Last Chance U.” Prior to transferring, he took a redshirt as one of LSU’s backup quarterbacks in 2016.

Another day, another break in

Just like it’s time to start another offseason of workout awards, it’s apparently time to start another offseason of dumb people breaking in to Tiger Stadium. Three students were arrested Monday for breaking in to Death Valley, marking the first such instance of 2018.

It’s time to revisit a Bayou Bengal Briefing I wrote just about a year ago: Don’t break into Tiger Stadium. And I quote:

“Seriously, guys. What’s your endgame here? It’s an empty football stadium. There’s nothing to do in there. It’s just a recipe to get apprehended. And maybe I was raised differently, but I was raised not to commit criminal acts of trespassing, especially when the place you’re trespassing in is effectively an abandoned pasture this time of year.

What, do you think it’s an achievement to get into Tiger Stadium? It’s not. 102,000 people do that about eight times a year.

Are you looking for a place to run around? We live in Louisiana. This isn’t New York City. You can find a grassy area pretty easily. In fact, there’s a couple within a 10-minute walk of Tiger Stadium.

Or are you just trying to get some sort of rush from being somewhere you’re not supposed to be? If that’s the case, go somewhere that isn’t constantly patrolled and the most well-lit place in the city. Again, you’re asking to get caught. It’s like going to Philadelphia and thinking it’d be a good idea to ring the Liberty Bell. There is no chance you get away with it.”

Point still stands. Don’t do it.

Watch me, watch me

As we do every Monday, fellow SEC Country LSU reporter Alex Hickey and I hopped on Facebook Live Monday night, answering questions from LSU fans about what’s going on in the world of Tigers sports. In case you missed it, you can watch that chat below. And be sure to like our page on Facebook so you don’t miss any chats in the future.

In LSU basketball news

The LSU men’s basketball team returns to action on Tuesday, hosting Texas A&M at 8 p.m. CT on ESPNU. LSU has already beaten A&M once this season, taking down the Aggies in College Station with a long buzzer-beating shot from freshman guard Tremont Waters.

This game could be a little bit different, as the Aggies are much healthier going into this game than they were when the two teams met earlier this month. Still, LSU will be looking for its first home SEC win of 2018, a goal the team would certainly like to achieve against A&M.

Today in made-up holidays

According to the folks at, Jan. 23 is National Pie Day. Not to be confused with National Pi Day. That’s March 14.

No, Tuesday we celebrate pie. Which, if I’m being honest, doesn’t get me too excited. Don’t get me wrong, if you put a slice of pie in my face, I’ll figure out what to do with it. But I’m more of a cake guy myself. Pies are cool and all, but they’re too much work to eat. And also really hit or miss. They sog quickly; they’re hot and cold in peculiar places. The point I’m trying to make is pie is a much less consistent dessert than cake. The highs may be higher, but the lows are much lower.

If you’re a pie guy and I’ve offended you with that assertion, I apologize. Tuesday is your day. But I had to get my sweets take out there.

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