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Those who know Joe Burrow aren't surprised by the latest twist in the former Ohio State quarterback's recruitment.

Why Joe Burrow’s North Carolina visit shouldn’t come as a surprise

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Tuesday, May 15

Welcome to Day 7 of As Joe Burrow Turns.

For a week, the graduate transfer quarterback from Ohio State has dominated the LSU headlines. His visit to Baton Rouge last weekend allowed for the proper usage of the word “ballyhooed” — some enterprising fan was even trying to sling “Geaux Jeaux Burreaux” T-shirts online.

Tuesday morning, we learned that Burrow’s search for a new school has expanded to North Carolina, leading us to the Question of the Day.

Is it surprising that Joe Burrow is visiting North Carolina after coming to LSU?

To get some perspective on the issue, I asked someone who has known Burrow for longer than one week.

Jason Arkley covers Ohio University and high school sports for the Athens Messenger. He’s known Joe’s dad, Ohio U defensive coordinator Jimmy Burrow, for 15 years. He interviewed Joe multiple times during Burrow’s days as a high school star. So even though Arkley doesn’t know what Burrow is going to do, he hasn’t been surprised by how the process has played out.

“I didn’t expect Joe to make up his mind right away, and thought anyone citing ‘sources’ that he already picked a spot were way off base,” Arkley wrote in an e-mail response to SEC Country. “Joe has always been thorough, and analytical. He set up his college plan [graduating in three years] before he set foot on OSU’s campus. He’s had a plan from Day 1, and will follow through on it the best way he knows how.”

Burrow wasn’t the type of kid who was ever going to commit on the spot, and thus it should be no surprise that a new candidate has entered the fray after much consideration.

“I never thought Joe would commit to his second school after just one weekend,” Arkley wrote on Monday night. “He’ll want to weigh more options, or see if there are more options, before he makes a choice.”

Indeed, within hours of Arkley sending that message, Burrow’s new option presented itself.

On the surface, the late addition of the Tar Heels to the mix does not bode well for LSU’s chances at landing the quarterback. But with the way Burrow operates, Tigers fans shouldn’t give up all hope just yet.

“He could still end up at LSU,” Arkley wrote. “But only if he believes that’s the best destination for him after careful consideration.”

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