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Win or lose, it was worth the risk for Ed Orgeron to recruit Ohio State quarterback Joe Burrow, a graduate transfer.

Win or lose, LSU’s push for Joe Burrow is well worth the risk

Alex Hickey

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Question of the Day: Friday, May 18

As LSU fans wait anxiously for Ohio State graduate transfer quarterback Joe Burrow to make a decision on where he will continue his football career for the next one to two years, SEC Country has been peppered with plenty of questions about him.

This one from Mark Allen on Facebook Live cuts to the heart of the matter.

The first question is the most straightforward.

Obviously, Ed Orgeron and his staff have determined that Burrow has a chance to be better than any quarterback on the roster. That might seem like a slap in the faces of Justin McMillan, Myles Brennan and Lowell Narcisse, but that’s not necessarily how it should be interpreted. Orgeron still has confidence in those quarterbacks if the Tigers whiff on Burrow, but he wouldn’t be doing his due diligence as a recruiter if he passed on a player who could upgrade the position.

So what happens to LSU’s quarterbacks should Burrow choose Cincinnati over the Tigers?

The coaching staff is banking on this being a motivator. This situation obviously puts a chip on every quarterback’s shoulder, but it is a calculated chip. If Orgeron was worried about shaking the confidence of his current quarterbacks, he wouldn’t have stuck his neck out for Burrow. Even if it means all three quarterbacks are angry with Orgeron, he is betting this will fuel their competitive fires to show he was foolish for looking elsewhere.

Could that tactic blow up in his face? Absolutely. But it seems more likely that at least one of the trio will respond in the manner Orgeron intended.

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